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Merry Christmas

I wish you all a Merry Christmas. Most of you are probably too busy to even get near the computer this morning. I'm sitting at my son's waiting for them to get up. How times have changed from when he was little and couldn't wait to get up and see what Santa had left for him. Now if he is up by 10 I'll be surprised.On the food front, I'm planning on staying OP as much as possible today. I think we are having turkey so that will be easy. I know she is planning on making waffles for breakfast (brunch?) so I'll make my oatmeal that I brought with me. I avoided the chocolate chip cookies last night so will have to stay on guard today. There is an apple pie but I had her stew some apples with Splenda for my dessert.
Sending good On Plan thoughts to all of you


Re: Merry Christmas

Good morning Patty and everyone! Happy Xmas and Merry Channukah!! I am sitting down at my computer, grateful to post of my intent to remain OP....in the past, the holidays have provided an excuse to get so far off track, I couldn't even see the track...but not this year.....today and always, my goal is balance...and planning ahead, like you did, Patty, really helps. I really want to concentrate on appreciating the joys of the season and after a time of challenge for our family during the last year, I just want to savor the blessings. Have a wonderful day, everyone. Maajida