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Daily commitment 12/26

Good morning. Hope everyone survived all the food at Christmas dinner. I did quite well. Ate my oatmeal and apple for breakfast, a PB2 sandwich and apple for lunch. Jeremy's girlfriend made a turkey dinner and I ate 1 Tbsp each of corn casserole and dressing. 2 Tbsp green bean casserole and white meat turkey. She had made some stewed apples with Splenda which I had instead of apple pie. I was satisfied and proud of myself for not giving in. Tonight they are ordering pizza. Haven't decided if I want to have a piece or make a turkey sandwich. I plan on taking a walk sometime today. It's still warm in Maryland.
How did you do with your eating?
Hope you all have a good day


Re: Daily commitment 12/26

Pat, you have really done GREAT in sticking to your guns! Unfortunately, I have not done so well, but not done like I have in the past, though! I did have small portions of some things and avoided quite a lot of others. So, I don't really feel that bad about the choices I made. For the most part, they were good ones!

It is great to be back in a routine this a.m. I even did my two mile walk and feel great. I've only had coffee so far this a.m. because, I am just not hungry yet. I will go fix myself and omelet in a little bit and that will get me really back in to routine! LOL!

Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas. We spent from noon until 6:00 with our daughter and family and son and family who drove up, also. It was great just being with the kids! We have had a blessed year and so many things to be thankful for!

Here's to an OP day all the way today.....is everyone out shopping.....NOT ME!!!!!!


Re: Daily commitment 12/26

So glad to be here, even if I am posting late in the day.....Yesterday was a challenge, and though it turned out strangely, I was able to remain OP on a holiday that has been, in the past, an excuse to get so far off track that I couldn't even see the track, lol. This year was different....I really was not enamored of the Xmas brunch menu where we were, and it just wasn't worth it to get off program. It never is....and though I had a later dinner than would have been ideal, I did indeed remain OP. Am glad too, to be back to a more regular routine today. Take care everyone.....and re the shopping...I accidentally ended up at the gym an hour early, at 6:30am....and there was a Kohl's Dept. Store nearby, so would you believe I got into shopping mischief at that time of the morning.....Happy Day after....Maaj