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Daily Committment Thread - 12/27/08

Am up bouncing off the walls unable to stay asleep at 5am. so thought I'd start the committment post today. I am usually up at this time when working, so I can get to the gym before work, but I am off work till Jan. 5th. Guess my body didn't know I did not have to be up this early, lol. Looking forward to being OP today and to finish up the year that way. Always used to use the holidays as an excuse to get off program, and am so proud I am not doing that this year. Still haven't weighed in...right now, trying to concentrate not so much on the scale numbers but on how much better I feel with each passing OP day. Will probably weigh in early in the new year, but don't need the scale numbers to tell me how far I have to go, or how much better I am starting to feel. Hope the rest of you have a wonderful weekend. Maajida

Re: Daily Committment Thread - 12/27/08

Good morning. Maajida what a good attitude you have. I think we all concentrate too much on the scale number. Enjoy your time off.
We are still in Maryland. Will be going home to NY tomorrow. Went out for a 45 minute walk yesterday. We ordered pizza for supper last night but I had a salad with turkey in it. Then we went to the neighbors for the evening. She is the typical food pusher. We started with cheesecake (I love cheesecske) and cookies. I had coffee only. Then when we moved to the family room she had all kinds of candy, chips, and wine. I had 1 candy cane. I felt good about my choices but had the old feelings of hurting her feelings by not eating. But I decided that my health is more important than her feelings. Don't know what today will bring.
Have a good weekend.


Re: Daily Committment Thread - 12/27/08

Wow, Pat, I am so moved by your story of the visit to the neighbor...food pushers are challenging to deal with, but you are a real inspiration for putting your own health first and foremost. Way to go! Maajida, who is inspired enough that she is going to get rid of a huge box of chocolates from her own food pusher neighbors, lol

Re: Daily Committment Thread - 12/27/08

Wow, you two ladies have got your act together. I wish I could say that I made good choices over the last few days, but I can't. We have another party tonight here at our house and had one last night. Lots of good food and pizza tonight. Good job ladies.


Re: Daily Committment Thread - 12/27/08

Laura, you and I are somewhat in the same boat. I have not been as "good" as I had planned, but I made pretty good choices as to the limit of what I ate. I feel a whole lot better than all the Christmas times before when I have eaten everything that didn't move!

I started not to go to WW this a.m., but decided to go and face the music just for my own benefit! I was pleasantly surprised to have only gained .2 pound. I guess I hadn't done as bad as I thought! I can't get that cocky feeling, though, thinking I can indulge every week and get by. I was just glad to be able to handle it better than in years past. We have to eat in a "real world" all our life and we have to make those adjustments that are necessary for ourselves.

I, myself, was a food pusher this year! I made some "goodies" for all the rest of the family and some friends and delivered then on Christmas Eve, etc. I managed to stay out of most of the stuff. Maaj, you are handling everything so well...proud of you. Pat, sounds like you have had a great time at the son's. I'm sure you will be glad to get back to NY and in your own routine, though! Laura, hang in there...a little pizza won't hurt...just remember what your main purpose in weight loss is and get back in your routine as soon as you can. We've all come too far to turn back now!!!

Have a Happy Evening.....Diane I've been OP today!

Re: Daily Committment Thread - 12/27/08

Laura and Diane: thanks so much for all the encouraging words and I agree....we do have to live in a 'real' eating world and I am constantly trying to balance eating for health / wt.loss with eating for pleasure....there's a huge box of gourmet chocolates still sitting in our house...gift from some neighbors whose family is in the chocolate business...gotta get rid of it in a way that won't hurt my OP efforts but without being depriving...a delicate balance.....will give the box away and had some Dreyer's Grand Light French Silk (Slow Churned)lo cal ice cream on my OP plan so I didn't end up feeling deprived....the journey continues...maaj