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Daily Committment for 12-28-08

Can't believe it is this late and not one person has posted yet! I guess I will say "HELLO" to everyone.

Hope everyone has had a wonderful, restful day with family, etc. and getting ready for the New Year this week! Where did 2008 go so quickly?

I am ready for the new week and the new year. I have been OP today and it sure feels good to finally be getting rid of all the holiday "eats" around here! There are only a few goodies left and my husband and sister are taking care of them, slowly, but surely.

I still have a couple of points left before bedtime after while and plan to have a yogurt or smoothie to get in my last milk.

I hope to hit the exercise routine in the a.m. and get back on track with it all for a change!!

Good evening to all!