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Daily Commitment 12/30

Good morning. Just a quick note before off to the gym. Woke up this morning to power out. Jim had the generator going so no problem. Was good to see Uki back. This is like a family and when one is missing we feel it.
Good day on the food front yesterday. Today will be OP.
Hope you all have a great day


Re: Daily Commitment 12/30

Hi everyone!
I had been away for a week or so after havin started on the message board. We were in Iowa with inlaws for the holidays.
I have weighed myself since coming back from all those holiday goodies, which I did have some of. and I stayed the same weight as I had when I started this journey in early December, but that's ok. I am not down or sad, as I KNOW when life gest back to normal after the holidays I will be fully back on track.

I love Weight Watchers and feel it's a great program.
SInce Saturday I have gone to the gym all but SUnday (Driving home from Iowa.) and plan to go this morning when my son wakes up.

Just a short check in :)



Re: Daily Commitment 12/30

Looking forward to another good OP day. Going antiquing today, so I will have another easy meal planned for tonight when we return. I'm marinating chicken and will do grilled veggies to go with it. The weather is cooperating for a few days, so I will take advantage of the grill for a night!

Hope everyone has another OP day on our journey together!

Re: Daily Commitment 12/30

I am OP today too and getting ready to get on the treadmill this morning. The kids are all home today so things are a little crazy! It felt good to eat OP yesterday after a few splurges last week.


Re: Daily Commitment 12/30

Good morning everyone.

Ugh...I'm hating myself today...started out good yesterday and then I think hormones kicked in and I went "crazy" on the food front...oh heck...the 'sweets' is what did me in. Oh well...wasn't it Chicken Little that said..."Today is a New Day" ?? So, last night...I threw a container of sweets that were left behind on Christmas in the trash and sent a cake to work with my husband. You all should be proud of me knowing how I love cake.

I need to try some new "foods." A lot of my favorite stuff has been done away with. For instance...Aldi stopped carrying my chicken burgers that I loved. I haven't found one that compares to taste in any brand. I had to stop eating those darn Fiber One bars b/c they were about to kill me....you all can figure out why. There really isn't another granola bar I like....I'm very picky with those. So, I'm just bored with what I'm eating and that's causing me to reach for things I normally wouldn't.

Ok, so I'm still trying to catch up on reading some of the old posts....looks like WW rolled out a new plan. Flex worked for me and I'll be sticking to it. I do plan on shopping more in the outer belts of the stores this year and buying more fresh fruits/veggies that that prepared stuff. It's healthier anyway.

Another thing I found myself not doing with all the stress of December was that I stopped writing in my journal. That has played a big part in adding back a few lbs. So, with that said, I have my journal right beside me, open, and I'm back to logging in the food...Write before I Bite!

Ok, back to work I go. Have a great day everyone.

Re: Daily Commitment 12/30

Just checking in for another OP day. Carrie, hang in there...so glad none of us has to be alone on this journey. Take care and happy new year, everone....Maaj

Re: Daily Commitment 12/30

Carrie, sounds like you have figured out what doesn't work for you, now concentrate on what does. I agree with you that if Flex was working for you there is no reason to change. The new program is basically flex with emphasis on eating Core foods. There is also the program called Simply Filling which is just like old Core. That is what I'm doing. Stay with us and we'll all help each other out.