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Foods for 12/30

I miss this thread. So, hopefully some of you will rejoin me in logging in what we are eating. Plus, it helps me get new ideas.

Breakfast- protein bar
Snack - 2 clementines
Lunch - Chili and Jr. Frosty
Dinner - Not a clue...might be working late so going to play it by ear at this point.
Snack - Carrots/Hummus

Re: Foods for 12/30

B- oatmeal with banana, coffee
Snack after exercise- FF cottage cheese with pineapple
L- Boca burger on sandwich thin, frozen berries with FF plain yogurt
S- Pork chops with mushrooms and onions, spinach, fresh pineapple, milk

Re: Foods for 12/30

Carrie, You rock for starting this thread!!! I missed it too.

B: Nutrigrain Waffles and PB2

L: Campbell's Select chicken noodle and veggie soup

D: Creamed ham over low point biscuits, with lots of added veggies (comfort food on a cold day)

treat: WW ice cream cup with toppings

Re: Foods for 12/30

Hey, I've missed our menus, too! I've wanted to do this, but didn't want to be to pushy during the holiday! LOL!

B'fast - Coffee with creamer
Bran flakes, berry WW yogurt, and crushed
pineapple (made a parfait}

Lunch - Unplanned - Cracker Barrel - had beans and
greens with a cornbread muffin (YUM-O)

Snack - Banana

Dinner - Marinated chicken kabobs
Grilled veggies
Lite Garlic bread

Bedtime - Hot cocoa or chocolate smoothie

Re: Foods for 12/30

I'm coming back on this thread to post my dinner from last night which was:

Leftover turkey from Christmas
Steamed Broccoli
Liptons Mushroom Rice (1/2 c.)

Also had 4 cups of coffee. I just wanted coffee last night...with my new fav. Creamer: Cream Brulee (sp?)...but, I didn't put it in all 4 cups b/c that would have been nuts!