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12/31/08 - last daily committment posting for 2008

can't believe I am up in the middle of the night unable to stay asleep...hate when that happens...I woke up craving this unopened huge box of gourmet chocolates sitting in my living room...a gift from some neighbors who have relatives in the candy business....I finally got up, took the box outside in the freezing cold, and stuffed it into the garbage can sitting at the curb for this morning's regular weekly pickup. My OP efforts are still feeling newly tentative and it just seemed the right thing to do at the time, lol....but a good way for to celebrate the last OP day of the here. Here's to a happy and healthy and OP year in 2009...and a calmer year would be nice too. Love, Maajida

Re: 12/31/08 - last daily committment posting for 2008

Way to go Maajida. I know how wasteful it seems to throw away perfectly good food. But think of it as poison for your body. You done good .
I'm taking the day off from the gym and instead doing laundry. Going to WW at noon.
Eating is going good. I've used all 35 of my weekly points and have 16 activity points that I could use today, but I probably won't. May have a drink tonight. I've got shrimp thawing for shrimp cocktail for supper. That plus a salad may be supper tonight. We don't usually do a lot of snacking so if anything I will make popcorn. We're obviously big party animals. Don't even usually stay up for midnight.
How are you celebrating the New Year?


Re: 12/31/08 - last daily committment posting for 2008

Good morning. Wow, where do this year go?

I did manage to stay OP yesterday. I spent a lot of time online during the slow times at work browsing various weight loss web sites/blog pages for inspiration/motivation and that helped. I went to the store kind of late last night (by myself!) so I could look for new things and not be distracted by kids who bed for junk we don't need. I really didn't find any new 'food finds', but I bought some healthy things and some new soups to try.

Anyone make any resolutions for 2009? I have some goals I want to obtain. For the most part, I just want to keep pursuing a healthier lifestyle and make wise choices.

Not really into staying up on New Years...it's just another day to me. My sister and I have a shopping trip planned anyway tomorrow out of town, so I'll be going to bed at a reasonable hour b/c I'm doing a lot of the driving. We plan on eating out, but I know where we are eating and they have awesome salads and other choices so it won't be a big deal.

Have a great day everyone.

Re: 12/31/08 - last daily committment posting for 2008

Hi All!
I got up this morning to see the damage on the scale :) And I have lost 3 pounds since leaving Iowa! Woooppeee!
The hour of cardio each day and stayin on points works! I am going to the YMCA today for cardio for an hour, and staying on points at much as possible.

We have a black tie party tonight, and the dress I am wearing does not allow for much "food" room lol. I am excited, and wil pack a ton of healthy snacks to have beforemand so that I don't over eat @ dinner.

Have a safe fun New Years Eve!

Re: 12/31/08 - last daily committment posting for 2008

Sounds like we must all be the same type "party animals"! LOL! Don't have any plans tonight, except one of the 5 yr old grandsons is coming to spend the night (or two) with us. I had promised a night by himself while they were out of school and they head back next week, of course!

Plan for an OP day today. Getting hungry for b'fast. Been busy 'cause a plumber is coming for some minor things, so I'm heading to the kitchen in a minute.

We will cook on the smoker again today since it's a cold, but beautiful day! Love the "no hassle" cooking!

Hope everyone has a great OP day and a very Happy New Year! 2009 will be our year for better health and perhaps a calmer year for everyone!! Would be nice!!

Re: 12/31/08 - last daily committment posting for 2008

No major plans here either. The new year comes whether we stay up or not.

Maajida, Way to go on throwing out the chocolates. I have done that with cake many times. It feels so much better to get it out of the house.

This year has flown by and I just want to tell you all how much I appreciate all of you and this board. I have made many wonderful friends here and I am grateful to all of you for your posts and support.

happy 2009!

Re: 12/31/08 - last daily committment posting for 2008

Just got back from WW. Down 1.4 which makes a total of 78.3. I'm ready for the new year. Was kind of bummed. The staff was at the WW center to weigh us but the meeting was cancelled. Go figure. The weather is crappy with lots of blowing snow. Glad we are back home to stay for a couple days.
Don't party too hard tonight