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Favorite Food Find of 2008

Ok, I thought this would be kind of 'fun'...what was your favorite food find for 2008?

I have 2 actually.

PB2 - OMG! A lifesaver!
Joseph's Lavash Wraps

And...nothing "new", but I did discover that I "love" roasted red peppers on sandwiches. Definately something I "tried" and cannot live without.

So, what was your "fav food find" ??

Re: Favorite Food Find of 2008

I guess mine would be PB2, also! Gotta love that stuff!!

I also found new and like the Fiber One Cereal - have the Hungry Girl cookbook and use some of the recipes and ideas from it!

Still thinking, but everything else is usual stuff!

Re: Favorite Food Find of 2008

You 2 stink! LOL PB2 was gonna be mine too. :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE the stuff.

I also like the Joseph's pitas as well as the wraps.

My other fave is an oldie but a goodie - Smart Ones cookie dough sundaes...

Oh yeah, Fat Free Reddi Whip ROCKS!!!

Re: Favorite Food Find of 2008

Where are those Arnolds Sandwich Thins found out? I know people on WW love those things, but I cannot find at my Walmart.

Anyone had these and where are you finding them?

Re: Favorite Food Find of 2008

PB2 and Arnold's sandwich thins. A lifesaver for eating a PB sandwich in the car.
Bryer's Free Double churned ice cream especially the French Chocolate.

The Arnold's sandwich thins are in the bread dept at my stores. Sometimes they have a special rack just for them. Don't think I could make it through the week without them.


Re: Favorite Food Find of 2008

No Arnold Sandwich Thins in my area yet either.