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Happy New Year

2009 is here. Are you committed to staying on your food plan?
I'm totally committed and have decided that eating unhealthy food just isn't an option any more.
As I look back over the last 1 3/4 years that I've been on WW I realize that there were times when I was doing the program only in name. I would find reasons to go off plan and then only partially get back on plan. Well, no more. I feel too good with my weight loss and with my improved health that I won't go back. The support that I get here has meant so much. It helps keep me accountable when I know that I will come here and "confess" if I stray. Thank you to all of you for being here.
Don't have any big plans for today except for sorting papers from 2008. I have a big basket where all papers that come into the house (bills, receipts etc) are put and once a year I sort them and file away. What a mess. Don't know what I'll cook today. I have always followed my Mom's rule of having sauer***** on New Yeaa's Day for good luck, but I'm not feeling sauer***** today.
Have a wonderful day everyone.


Re: Happy New Year

I wanted to hop in here and also wish everyone
a Healthy and Happy New Year and new YOU...

This is the 2nd New Years that I didn't have to make a Resolution to go on a food plan and lose weight, what a great achievement that is...
To get all the excess pounds off and keep em off..

It was on this site that I lost all my weight, hit goal and went under by about 10 lbs..

Again Happy New Year to the oldies and the newbies
on Aimee's Adventure....

Re: Happy New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR, Pat, and everyone else, too!

I'm with you, Pat! Today starts my fifty-second week and I've come too far to consider the alternative! I love eating healthy and plan to continue. I made the committment last January to lose and be healthier before I reached age 60. I am 12 pounds from goal and that is my ultimate goal!

I plan to be OP today to start the New Year off right for sure!

Hope everyone else is, too

Re: Happy New Year

I'm so happy to be here and be so inspired by all your postings this morning and all the things you all check in with when you post each day. Especially considering the last months of relapse and struggle during 2008, I am thrilled to be posting an OP start on the first day of the new year, and especially grateful that I did not yield to the old destructive habit of binging my way through the holidays and starting over again on Jan. 1st. Here's to a happy, OP, healthy, and calm 2009! Love, maajida

Re: Happy New Year

Happy New Year ladies!! May this year be filled with the joys of family and friends and may you commit to being healthy and happy. May this year be the best one yet.