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Daily Commitment 1/3

Good morning everyone. Before I forget, Maajida sure hope you and hubby both feel better soon.
No big plans for today. Probably will sew. Did OK at the party last night. They had 3 soups. 2 different chillis which were too spicy for me. That left a Thai fish stew which was good but made with coconut milk. Don't have any idea of points. Passed on the cake but did have 1 big peanut butter ball and a couple waffle cookies. Think I'm going to count about 10 points and not worry about it.
Have a good weekend.


Re: Daily Commitment 1/3

Good morning everyone. Here's to another OP day. Patty, thanks so much for asking about me...we're still sick...what started out as a cold turned into the flu. But I got a call this morning from my mom at 4am. saying they were going to call 911 for her. I rushed over to her memory care facility to find her very well taken care of but suffering from a cold herself, which can be very scarey for someone who is cognitively impaired. We're waiting to hear from her doctor, but no 911 was nec. I am missing moving my body at the gym, so will try to go later, then check on my mom, and come home and go back to bed. Hope the rest of you are staying healthy. Patty, you did great at your party. Sounds like you were able to enjoy the special foods without it getting out of hand. Way to go! Maajida

Re: Daily Commitment 1/3

Hey everybody.

I did some shopping this morning and spent some of my gift cards I got for Christmas. Had a nice couple hours all to myself. Got a call while I was out though...showing on the house tomorrow....so decided to cut my Mommy's Day Out short to come home and dive into cleaning the house. Guess this gives me the kick in the butt to get that Christmas tree and junk boxed up.

Anyway, hope you all are doing well today.

Re: Daily Commitment 1/3

Hello everyone! Another OP day here too. Anna has a friend over and the boys are playing video games. Things a peaceful. I sold an old treadmill today and made $99!!! I am tickled. I used the money to buy the kids some toys, since Christmas was so small this year. Who cares if the toys came in January instead of December??? They are so happy.

Have a great day!

Re: Daily Commitment 1/3

Checking in very late. What a busy day today was! Off to WW meeting this a.m. Got the new material! Yeah! Now for time to really go over all of it. Looking forward to trying some of the recipes after I get back from my trip.

My sister, daughter, and 14 yr old granddaughter went shopping for several hours (antiquing, then clothes, etc) Had fun.

As soon as we got back, my husband, sister, and one of the grandson's (spending the night - or two) went to visit our son, granddaughter, and daughter-in-law for about an hour or two.

Then it was back home, cook hamburgers for dinner, pack for trip in the a.m.

I will leave around 7:30 to take my sister home with the stops i mentioned yesterday, I think. I'm really looking forward to the trip, but I am getting a late start to get to bed!!!

I will be out of pocket until Wednesday night, so I hope everyone has a good start to the week coming up. I had gained 3/4 pound this a.m., but that is only 1 for the two week holiday. I have had trouble wanting to nibble while my sister has been here (I'll blame it on her! LOL!), so I will be glad to get back on track for sure when I return home!

Regards to everyone....Diane