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Daily commitment 1/5

Good morning everyone. Another OP day for me. I'm off to the gym in a few minutes. No big plans for today except grocery shopping. I see we have a new poster, Renee, it's good to get new people.
Hope you all have a great day


Re: Daily commitment 1/5

Hello everyone! I'm in for another 24.

First thing this morning, I cut my finger and man, it hurts to type, LOL!!

I'm just kickin back here at home.

Yesterday's showing went good. They liked the house...so were waiting to see just how much they liked it.

Well, going to try a new recipe I found here on Aimee...Carmel Apple Salad....anyone had it??

Have a great day!

Re: Daily commitment 1/5

OP for me to today! Still at home with the last of the flu...was supposed to go back to work today, but thought I'd do better with one more at home day. Have a great day, everyone, Maajida

Re: Daily commitment 1/5

I'm OP today. I went for the first time since July to weigh in at WW. I've just been doing it myself at home. I got all the new material for the momentum program. I also stayed for a meeting which is a first in a long, long time. There were over 30 people there and to me that's a big meeting. I tend to like them on the smaller side. I like that the new program is still counting pts. but just adding "filler foods". All in all it's good. Have a great day everyone.

Re: Daily commitment 1/5

Checking in late, but OP! I took my mom shopping today and we had an OP lunch out. I had already ridden the trainer before I left. The kids went back to school today and they were sad to go. I missed them too...

I splurged and got 3 new pair of jeans today - 2 pair were a size 3 and 1 size was a 1!!! Shameless bragging... WW works and I am here to prove it.

I hope everyone is doing well.