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Hello Again

Well it is been a whirl wind year for me and unfortunutly a weight gaining one. So here I am needing your support once again. I have gained back everything I have lost the first half of the year. But that is the negatives. The positives are that I have quit smoking sucessfuly thus far!! My husband to so I am not around that at all anymore. Also Due to the ecomony my employer had to lay off some workers this winter/sping so I took a voluntary layoff for at least 6 months. So, No excuse not to get my butt in gear. I have plenty of time now that I'm not working to concentrate on the program and my excercise.

By the way u all sound like u are doing great. I used to check in here everyonce in while thinging I should start posting again but couldnt get my self to do it. Well have a great day everyone.

Re: Hello Again

one other question. I was wondering if with the new program it was different in figuring your points. I read some old posts and it doesnt look like too much has changed as far as flex. I am unable to sign up or go to meetings until I find out about my unemployment benefits so any info would be greatly appreciated Thanks!!


Re: Hello Again

Chels!!! Welcome Back!!

I'm just stickin to Flex...it worked for me since 07.

Good to see you back!

Re: Hello Again

Chelsie, welcome back. Nothing has really changed with the new program. You still count points the same way but they want you to eat as many "filling foods" as possible. The filling foods are basically the old Core foods, fruits, veggies, whole grains, FF dairy, 93% lean gr. beef. They are trying to get everyone away from eating their points as "junk" foods (100 calorie packs etc.)


Re: Hello Again

Hiya Stranger!!! Boy have we missed you. ((((((Chelsie))))))))

Yes, the plan has changed but not much. It is basically FLORE (to quote Roni). Count your points, but try to fill up on CORE foods. The concensus here is to follow whatever plan worked for you. If the old Flex plan worked, then do that. If the old Core plan worked, then do that. If you want to try something new, then do that. LOL

We are here for you! :)