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Foods for 1/5

Breakfast - protein bar, coffee, half of an orange, and one big marshmallow (?? LOL!! Don't ask!
Lunch - Sandwich on pita bread, with lots of veggies.
Snack - Banana and PB2
Dinner - Chicken Tetrazzini, Mashed Pot., Green Beans.
Dinner - 100 Cal. Fudge Bar..it better still be in the freezer~LOL!

Re: Foods for 1/5

B- Oatmeal with flax seeds and Fiber 1.
L- PB2 on sandwich thin, grapes, skim milk
Snack- Shredded wheat with banana and skim milk
D- Chili with cornbread, ice cream

Re: Foods for 1/5

B: bannana, kashi go lean krunch with milk

L: Scalloped Potatoes and Ham
1/2 a banana

sn. sugar free Jello, some carrots

d. Deep Dish Pizza Casserole (this was awesome!!!)
made with hamburger and turkey pepperoni
salad with lt. Ranch

sn. sf pudding

yeah first day down!

Re: Foods for 1/5

B: - oops, missed it to get out of the house on time. My bad and you know I don't usually do this.

L: Grilled chicken and veggies in a tortilla

D: Pork loin, rice, green beans

treat: WW ice cream cup and toppings