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hearty recipies please

hi there...i am doin ww...and i have talk my husband in to tryin it with me..why?because i know it works and i would like for him to get healthy to..he is not extremly over weight but needs to drop at least 25 pounds...anyhow he loves a hearty meal he is used to the meat and potatoes..which i know he can still have but not as much of...so if anyone has any meat recipes or just any good easy recipes i would be happy to recieve them...he has done really good today with stick with things and i have to so i am proud of us...it is so much easier when u have someone to do it along with u...anyhow hope to hear from yall....good luck everyone with your weight loss journey

Re: hearty recipies please

Renee, This is a great website for recipes. Heather is a WW and most of the recipes are "filling foods".


Re: hearty recipies please


Have you explored the recipes right here on Aimee's site yet? I have found that they are very husband and child friendly! They are simple, filling, and use regular ingredients that I usually have on hand.

Hope that helps too,

Re: hearty recipies please

I'm not much of a cook, but I fooled around in the kitchen and made this strange concoction that actually tasted pretty good. I was craving something hot and filling and all the prepared soups and stews are so high in calories and salt content, even when they are supposedly lo cal...so I sauteed some onions and a potato, and chopped up six boneless chicken thighs...afrer that had all cooked and browned, I added fresh mushrooms, some nonfat sour creme and some pumpkin liquor...I kmow that sounds weird...any wine would have done as well, and let it all simmer a while, and it came out like a rich tasting strogonoff type mixture...enough for several servings and rich and tasty considering the lo cal ingredients. I am not much of a cook, but this strange concoction actually came out tasting pretty good...the chicken almost tastes like lean beef. I would be interested in some of these other recipes too. Maajida

Re: hearty recipies please

Check out greenlitebites.com for some ideas as well.

Re: hearty recipies please

I think my favorite recipe ever (which I found on here) is the boneless buffalo chicken bites. I make them at least once a week and they are soooo good (if you like spicy food).

Doing WW with men is never fun because they lose a lot quicker, but I'm glad you have someone doing it with you.