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no not yet on the exercise..i have some problems when i do exercise my heart rate goes up and doesn't come back down for a long while after i am done exercisein..it beats really fast even after i have cooled down and it makes me sick and feelin awlful so i aint tried no more exercise its been about 2 months since the last time i walked..i want to exercise but i am just not up to feelin bad after wards..i been to the doc...she has done all kinds of blood work on me everythin has came back ok...so my thyroid is really bid=g big enough u can see it so i go for an ultrasound tomorrow on it she thought that might be what was wrong..so no i am just doin ww..i thought about do something light...like a strecth class at the ymca..or just some toning..i dont know..i know i wanna do some kind of exercise..tho...thanks for the reply

Re: pattypurple

Just jumping in a bit here. I think any type of exercise that you can do safely and with doctor's approval would be great! It stretching appeals to you, that would be a great place to start. Trust your body to tell you what to do and how much. Your body is pretty smart! :)