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Daily commitment 1/7

Good morning. Hope everyone is doing well today. I didn't chose to go to the gym today since we are having freezing rain. I really need to find an exercise routine to do at home. I have a Nordic Track ski machine but that isn't "doing it" for me now. I've got lots of video exercise tapes but with Jim home all the time I don't feel comfortable exercising where he can watch. I've got the elastic bands but just haven't dug them out. Sounds like lots of excuses doesn't it?
On the food front all is going well. I've been adding extra veggies to meals. Making lots of stews and soups.
Hope you all have a good day


Re: Daily commitment 1/7

Morning everyone. We have yucky weather here in my neck of the woods today.

Did great yesterday on the food front.

This morning, got a call that we'd had a death in the family. I'm waiting to hear funeral plans, but at the moment, I don't think everyone has been told of the passing yet. And to boot...I think I'm coming down sick as well. Ugh...my throat is so itchy it's about to drive me up the wall.

Anyway, have a great day everyone.

Re: Daily commitment 1/7

Carrie, so sorry to hear of the death. Hope you don't get sick. Stress and illness are a nasty mix. Take care of yourself.


Re: Daily commitment 1/7

Thank you Patty.

I just got a little more info. I guess my uncle's wife found him..she thought he'd already "passed" and anyway, she called 911. I guess when they got there, they found a faint pulse, and started CPR and got him into ambulance and began to transport him to ER, but he passed on while in route. He didn't make it to hospital. So sad. We didn't see this coming today at all. He'd been sick with cancer and had been given 6 mons. to live quite awhile ago and had been doing very well here recently so know one thought he was going to die today anyway since last couple months he'd been doing so well. Guess if it was my time to "go" I'd want to "go" like that...peacefully in my sleep with no physicial suffering from disease.

Keep us all in your prayers and pray that I don't let this "stress" deter my efforts to stay OP. Seems like "stress" is what causes me to fall off the wagon these days.

Re: Daily commitment 1/7

Morning Everyone. Just hanging around the house today. I have the afternoon to myself since DD goes to preschool from 12-3. so I am going to through in a Excersize DVD. I agree patty I dont like doing them in front of anyone either. My Treadmill is broken and waiting for the reapir men and that is taking forever.
Doing okay on the food front. I am finding myself out of points after dinner and really wanting something around 8. so I will try save a point or two for tonight.

So sorry about your uncle carrie I will be thinking of u. Stay strong and Stress Free!!

Re: Daily commitment 1/7

Oh, Carrie, I am so sorry to hear about your uncle! I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

The weather here is supposed to get nasty too. We had the potential for freezing rain last night, but the temps were high enough that it was just rain. Today the temps are dropping and it is supposed to change over to snow.

Scott is doing his Christmas concert at school today! LOL The day they were supposed to do it was a snow day and that was the last day before Christmas break. So they rescheduled for today. It is a little goofy, but the kids are so excited to sing for their parents that they went ahead with the concert as planned. :)

I did a little home improvement this morning. Our one bathroom had a mildew problem and I was sick of it. I cleaned it all and painted it with Kilz and it looks so much better. That was $6.00 well spent.

I think I will get on the treadmill in a few minutes. I need to eat some breakfast - I got caught up in painting and just never got that far, and then I will exercise and vacuum the house.

Stay warm and safe out there.


Re: Daily commitment 1/7

I'm OP today and going to enjoy a peaceful, quiet day, at home, alone. Carrie, you and your family will be in my prayers today.


Re: Daily commitment 1/7

Good morning from me too...I am still so appreciative of being able to come here and post of being OP each day...this simple action makes a world of difference in my OP efforts. I'm home with bronchitus, but expect to go back to work tomorrow, so now that I'm on antibiotics and starting to feel better, I am appreciating a quiet at home rest day. Carrie I am so sorry to hear of your loss...I know what you mean about stress pulling us away from our OP efforts....am on the road back to better health after letting that happen myself far too many times. Take very good care of that sore throat..that's how my being sick now started out.....so I hope your throat is better soon....Sincerely, Maajida

Re: Daily commitment 1/7

I wasn't supposed to weigh in until Monday, but I was curious so I got on the scale this morning and much to my surprise, I have already lost 5 pounds (just started on Monday). I know that this won't always happen, but it was a good motivation to stay on track.

I'm sorry to hear about your uncle. You and your family will be in my prayers.