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Daily commitment 1/8

Good morning everyone. A special welcome to Jayne who popped in last night.
Today is WW for me. Don't think I lost anything this week but hope for no gain. I haven't been able to get to the gym much this week. I plan to go to the gym after WW then to Aldi's for my weekly stock up. Think I'll get a few more things than usual. Sounds like a rough weather weekend coming up for us. Sure wouldn't want to be snowed in without the proper food.
I went to the airport to pick up my friend from Hungry on Tues. night. She and her husband are missionaries there. She has an appt. with a breast specialist tomorrow for an MRI. She has had a spot on her breast that everyone tells her not to worry about. Her sister had something similar for 2 years and then they did and MRI and decided it was malignant. She had a double mastectomy before Christmas. My friends twin sister also had the same cancer, and her mom. We're praying for a clean bill of health for her tomorrow. Meanwhile it is fun to have her here for a month. She is staying with another friend and we are all quilters so plan on some girl time while she is here.
On the food front, everything is going good. Plans for another OP day today.
Hope you have a great day


Re: Daily commitment 1/8

Good morning. I hope your friend's MRI turns out okay, Pat. I will keep her in my prayers. :)

It is a cold morning here. We had thought the kids would have a snow day because the roads were TERRIBLE last night, but the snow tapered off and they had school. :(

I got the bathroom all painted and it looks so much better. That was a relief!

Today I will get some cleaning done and catch up on things here at home. I did the trainer and planned my meals, so I am good to go!

A special welcome to all the new posters! I hope you all feel as "at home" here as I do.


Re: Daily commitment 1/8

up and off for the day today. My DD needs some playtime with friends she is not used to being home with mom this much. So off to our babysitters for some playtime with her friends this morning and later I think we will do an excersise DVD if I can get her interested in it. well have to see. DH is bringing home some Chicken Enchiladas for supper one of his co workers wife makes and sells. I'm hoping they will be okay for points.

Pat hope all goes well with your friend. U will all be in my thoughts.

Have a good day


Re: Daily commitment 1/8

Morning everyone. I'm doing good on the food front. I have a busy day here at work, but I have to leave in a little while. I made myself a drs. appt. Hopefully, they'll give me something. I feel like it's all settling in my chest and I have no voice...which some seem to think is kind of funny.

Anyway, hope everyone has a good Op day. If the weather's bad in your area, like it is here, better go stock up on some of your OP foods!

Re: Daily commitment 1/8

I'm OP today as well as the rest of you. The weather isn't bad here right now but have 2 systems coming our way.

Re: Daily commitment 1/8

Back from WW. Down 0.8 this week. The roads are getting bad here. Lake effect snow is coming down. Hope we can get out tomorrow.
Went to the gym and walked on treadmill or 30 min then rode bike for 30 min.


Re: Daily commitment 1/8


Congrats on the loss. You're doing great!

Re: Daily commitment 1/8

checking in late, but OP all the way today, maaj

Re: Daily commitment 1/8

Maaj, I'm checking in even later. Back from the trip late yesterday, had the grandbaby today, so have just now read all the missed posts, etc.

Glad to see so many new posters on here! Welcome to all and hope you enjoy this site as much as I do!!

I had a great trip and was OP as best as I could. Ate out a couple of times, but at Applebee's (had WW item) one time and the other was good choices, too! Saturday will tell how I've done, I guess!

It was good to be home today and get in all I needed on the food plan! It's been an OP day and I love it!

The journey continues tomorrow......