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Tips and Tricks for the New Year

Just wondering if anyone has any tips or tricks to share.

I use the Crest Whitestrips to help curb snacking. After breakfast and after supper, I brush my teeth and leave the strips on for 30 mins. Usually in that time, my urge to snack is gone.

Re: Tips and Tricks for the New Year

Gum...that's been helping me these last couple days. Also, the more natural foods like fruit/veggies you can bulk up your meals with, the longer you feel full and less chance you'll reach for something snacky.

Also, I'm not a salty person...my downfall is the sweets, but here lately I've found that diet root beer in the eve. is satisfying that crave for something sweet.

Another tip..which will help with motivation...is to mix things up and don't let yourself fall into a rut. Try new recipes and foods. Try things you didn't like before b/c maybe your taste has changed. Couple months ago, I forced myself to try cherry flavored prunes b/c I read one another board how much people love those things and OMW...I found something I cannot live without. Same with butternut squash. So, don't get bored with the same old things week after week.

Another tip...stay active on this board b/c we all need each other's help/advice/experience.

Hope that helps.

Re: Tips and Tricks for the New Year

don't let yourself get too hungry.
exercise as much as you are able.
if you need a sweet snack Tootsie Roll Pops and candy canes are each only 1 pt.
popcorn is really filling. If you don't want to use oil or the microwave kind you can put some popcorn kernels in a brown paper lunch bag, fold the top over a couple times and put in the microwave. Pops great and no fat. I spray mine with PAM and then sprinkle salt and a little Splenda over it for a kettle corn taste.


Re: Tips and Tricks for the New Year

I agree with pat dont let yourself get hungry. Me personally I binge if I do that.

I like to eat at the same time everyday. That way my body gets into a routine. Dinner at night depends on a few factors but it is never past 6. I also try to reserve 2 points for after supper because it is my worst craving time.

I also drink a ton of water. Like 125 oz a day. Really curbs the cravings and munching before meals.

There is a bagel out there called the alternative bagel. Hyvee stores in iowa carry them . They are one point. They come in blue berry, poppyseed, original, wheat, onion, one other one but I cant think of it right now. that is probley my best find latley. That helps me with my carbs cravings.

Hope some of this helps