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Artichokes and other veggies

Wondering if anyone could tell me how do u cook artichokes. Trying to find new veggies to eat. And this is one I thought I would try but I have no idea how to cook them.

Any other veggie suggestions would be great!!


Re: Artichokes and other veggies

I use artichokes all the time when they're in season..

Cut the stem off the bottom so it sits flat, pull the leaves off the first row.
Cut the top leaves
open the artichoke and wash it..

Cut fresh garlic maybe 2 cloves and put them
between the leaves

sprinkle italian seasoning over the top with a dash of salt...

then put 1 tsp of EVVO into the middle of it..

I use a steamer, with water under it, cover it
for about 1/2 hr and let it steam away..

Artichoke hearts bought frozen from Trader Joes,
is great
sautee in a bit of EVVO, again Italian seasoning on them, and let them brown...
add some onion and red pepper, and yo have more or
less a good vegetable combo... you can also
add broccoli florets to it.

Brussel Sprouts can be done the same way...
Steamed or done in EVVO...

Have fun Chelsie experimenting...

Re: Artichokes and other veggies

Thanks Tobe. Good to hear from you! hope you are doing good.