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Daily Commitment for 1/10

WOW! I was awake early this morning! Had to get on the computer for other things and decided to start our thread this a.m.

I have WW meeting this a.m. so I am anxious to see how I've done with me being gone on my trip. I will plan to get to the meeting a little early because the room was FULL last week with new people.

I stayed up late last night doing odd things. I started reading the book, FINALLY THIN, by Kim Benson that Laura, I believe, mentioned in yesterday's posts. I am anxious to see what her motivational tips are for maintenance of her weight loss. That is where I have always run into trouble. I am only 13 pounds away and am getting anxious.

I plan to be OP again today. I have several errands to run today, so I will be out of my routine for a little while. I am going to do my walking in a minute when I get off here, so I will at least have that done!

Hope everyone has a marvelous day and an OP one as well!

Diane S

Re: Daily Commitment for 1/10

Good morning everyone. Hope u all are enjoying your weekend so far.

Today I am off early this morning to Jujisu in Sioux City Ia about 45 min away. We have class in town on Tuesday nites but we are allowed to attend extra classes in sioux city with out paying anything more. After that a trip to walmart for some much needed low point bread/buns. This afternoon Me and my middle DD are off to bridal fair with my sister in law where I plan to abstain from any cake that is put in front of me. She already has hers picked out so there is no since in tryng it anyway.

I will be op all day though. i do best when I stay busy

hope u all have a great day.

Re: Daily Commitment for 1/10

I'm OP, and getting to watch my granddaughter today and tomorrow. We got lots of snow and more to come so we'll be staying in the house where it's warm. Diane, I can't wait to read Kim's book. I know it'll be inspirational and that's what I need right now. Have a great day everyone, stay safe and warm.


Re: Daily Commitment for 1/10

Good morning. So good to see all you early birds. My only plans for today are to go into the sewing room. I plan to be OP all day. Jim will want pizza again tonight even though we had it last night. Almost every Sat. since we were married 38+ years ago we've had pizza on Sat. night. I'm make something else for myself, maybe fish. Pizza is OK but I had my sandwich thin pizzas last night so that is enough.
Hope you all have a great day.


Re: Daily Commitment for 1/10

Checking in for another OP day. Am recovering from bronchitus and got to the gym this morning for a light workout for the first time in over a week. Lots of temptations to get off program, but am hanging in there. Had a rude awakening when I finally weighed in after a long time away from the scale.....175 was tough to see...the result of much backtracking and many relapses during 2008. I've back OP for a month come Monday, and am concentrating not just on the scale, but how much better my body feels with each passing OP day. I have about 40 pounds to go on what I hope will be a 89 pound loss some day...and it is good to be able to come here and post of my OP committment. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. maajida

Re: Daily Commitment for 1/10

Checking in a little late. We got a wicked snowstorm here and have been snowed in. I did the treadmill this morning and then shoveled snow for a good 90 minutes too. I had an OP food day and feel good about that. The kids had a blast playing in the snow. We tried to take them to a friend's house this afternoon, but got the car stuck in the yard instead... That prompted the whole snow shoveling deal... Gotta love winter in Ohio! LOL

Off to have a WW ice cream and hit the sack for church tomorrow.