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Saturday Weigh-in

Today was my one year weigh-in anniversary! I began my journey on January 12, 2008 weighing in at 216.5. I had actually started doing program on the 10th and I would like to think that I had even lost some fluid, etc in the two days before that weigh-in.

Today I weighed, had lost 2.75, making my total loss at 61 pounds. I am 10.5 away from my goal set years back and I am so excited!!

When I went back last year, I was hoping to be back at goal by now, but since the weight has come off so slowly for me, I haven't quite gotten there, yet. One of my sisters asked me the other day how much I had lost and I told her "almost 60". She told me that my goal now should be "60 BY 60". My birthday is January 15 and I WILL BE 60!!! I can't think of anything that I would rather have gotten as a gift as to be feeling as good as I am these days. The numbers don't bother me now, but the weight was last year!

Here's to a healthier birthday for us all this year, no matter what age, or what weight we happen to be at at the time of it. Being on this journey together with all of you makes for a HAPPY DAY!!

Re: Saturday Weigh-in

Diane, congrats on your anniversary. I've found that when I set deadlines for myself it always backfires. It will happen when your body is ready.
Welcome to 60. I turned in November. So far so good. I sure don't feel like I thought 60 was back 20 years ago. I'm healthier and in better shape now than I was at 40.


Re: Saturday Weigh-in

Happy almost birthday and congratulations on your wonderful loss. You have come so far!!! Yay Diane! :)

Re: Saturday Weigh-in

Way to go! not only for losing that much weight but for sticking with it this long. for some one who has gone off the program multiple times and gone back to old habits each time, it is very inspirational hear those kinds of success stories. I wish u a very happy 60th birthday and I hope your wishes come true. But if they dont, just remember how far u have come and that what u do inspires others.

Re: Saturday Weigh-in

Diane, that's a great accomplishment, way to go. My son's birthday is Jan 15th. Happy early B/day.


Re: Saturday Weigh-in

Congratulations on your weight loss and for staying on plan for an entire year! The 23rd of this month will be 1 year since I made my goal and it's such a wonderful feeling!
I hope you have a very Happy 60th Birthday!

Re: Saturday Weigh-in

COngratulations and happy birthday...you are an inspiration...Maajida