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Daily commitment 1/11

Good morning. Hope everyone has a great Sunday. I'm off to church in a few minutes then no plans for the day. Food is going good. Made 7 bean soup yesterday and that was supper. It was great. Nothing like a hot bowl of soup when it is cold outside. It is all mine since Jim doesn't like beans that much.
Have a wonderful day and coming week


Re: Daily commitment 1/11

Good morning everyone! I weighed this morning and lost 2 since last week. I'm happy about that.

I spent all of yesterday with my family for the funeral. It was hard to stay OP b/c I had very little control over the food. An area church hosted my family and cooked the meal for us. There was only 1 meat choice--fried chicken! I ended up with a piece with very little meat on it and by the time I drove the hour and a half home and got settled, I was starving to death! Not really...but, you know! I was craving a roast beef sandwich, so DH got me one.

So, I'm hoping for another good week. My sore throat is gone, however, I've traded it for the sinus junk and a ear ache. I hate my ears hurting.

I'm off to church. I really feel like spending the day in bed, but I have a class that would be very upset if we didn't do our little "auction" today, so I'm off to make them happy. I'd postpone it, but I alerady did that once and they were so upset, so can't disappoint them today.

Have a good OP day everyone.

Re: Daily commitment 1/11

Good Afternoon everyone. Hope your Sunday is going well. Just going to sit around this afternoon and read. Do a little meal planning as well.

overall the last week went pretty well. I treated myself to a few bites of my DH hot fudge sundae last night after swimming but other than that I have stayed away from all the sweets I was worried would sagotage my efforts .

I will be able to weigh in tommorrow morning and I am hoping for a loss what ever it may be.

Have a great day

Have a great day

Re: Daily commitment 1/11

A little late here but I've been OP today. I weigh in tomorrow morning so I'm trying to be good and not pick at food all day. Some days that's all I want to do, nothing satisfies me. I've done well this week and I think I'll have a big loss.

I watched my granddaughter today and had lots of fun with her, but I'm worn out. I know why God gives us children when we're young.

Hope everyone had a good day and onward to a great week.


Re: Daily commitment 1/11

Hi Gang!

I had a good day today too. We had church this morning, then came home and relaxed a bit and had lunch. I did splurge on a small piece of cake that Mitch and Anna made and it was delicious! Then Anna and I ran to Wal-Mart and she spent the remainder of her Christmas money on these pink ear buds for her MP3 player (which is also pink). She is such a "girl." LOL Then we came home and the lady I sold a crockpot to on Craig's List picked that up. That was another $15. We are selling stuff left and right to pay bills and buy food, but God is good, and the stuff is selling so He is taking care of us. :)

Then we had youth group here and I made dinner and got the kids ready for bed, etc., and here I am.

It is good to check in and see how everyone is doing.


Re: Daily commitment 1/11

I've had a busy day today, also, but have managed to stay OP as much as I wanted to. It was church early this a.m., then to our daughter's house for lunch (a three foot Subway), then baby shower at 2:00 for Lilly. It had been delayed because of the bike wreck the first of November. She got lots of cute little spring outfits, diapers, etc. So I got to see all of my kids today except the daughter and family in Florida.

I nibbled a little on a couple of snacks that were at the shower. We had fruit with yogurt as dip, though, so I gravitated toward it rather that the sweets. I fixed a one dish casserole for dinner tonight with a salad, so I didn't go over points, except to use a couple of my extras for the week, which I rarely do!

It's good to be back in control of my meals and not be traveling. This should be a much better week! Hope everyone else has a good one, also.