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Daily commitment 1/13

Good morning. I'm going to enjoy today with it's high 20's. The bottom drops out of the temp tonight. I'm off to the gym in a few minutes then an appt. with the chiropractor. It's been 4 weeks since I saw him last and my back can tell. My back hasn't affected my exercise but it sure hurts most of the rest of the time.
Food is going good so I'll have another OP day.
Hope you have a great day.
PS- my friend got her biopsy report back and there is no sign of cancer. She now has about 10 days that she can enjoy being in the States before going back to Hungary. Thanks for all your prayers for her


Re: Daily commitment 1/13

Good morning!

Pat, that is wonderful news about your friend! Praise God!! :)

I am OP today. The weather that was supposed to hit last night didn't come yet. It should hit us sometime this morning and will be over by midnight. We will be left with bitter cold temps, though. What a winter this has been.

Got the treadmill out of the way and meals are planned.

I hope you all have a good day and stay safe!

Re: Daily commitment 1/13

What wonderful news about your friend Patty!! That is Great. I hope she can enjoy the rest of her time in the States worry free.

Got up pretty late over here the kids have a late start so we all slept in. We got a bunch of snow yesterday and then 50 mile per hour winds so they let out at 100 too. This morning it is super cold. 14 degrees below. uki I bet this is what is coming your way. Food went really well yesterday. Tried a new recipie out of aimees cookbook last night and it was pretty good. I will remain op again today.

Hope u all have a warmer day then we have here!

Re: Daily commitment 1/13

Good morning Patti and everyone. Patti, so glad about your friend. Take good care of yourself Patti and everyone. I am glad to be checking in for another OP day. The cravings to get off program have been extremely intense lately, but I am hanging in there. Maajida

Re: Daily commitment 1/13

Good morning everyone. Pat, great news about your friend! That's fantastic! God is Good!

Uki - that weather is on it's way...trust me. It's getting bad here in Indiana where I'm at.

Speaking of Indiana, Colts Head Coach, Tony Dungy decided to retire! Indiana is really "Blue" today.

On the food front, doing well. I made me some more of that Caramel Apple Salad yesterday and I'm looking for some new recipes to try. If anyone has a really good one to share, please post or repost. I'm getting tired of the same old same. If you have any that are kid friendly as well, please share!!!

Anyway, hope everyone has a great day. Stay warm!

Re: Daily commitment 1/13

Hey, who is Kim Benson? I've heard that name before (even before I saw it on this board). I'm gonna have to get her book. Anyone find it at Walmart or should I just order from Amazon?

One other thing....I did as the lady doing my ultrasound yesterday if she could tell me anything. Unofficially, she didn't see anything. I'm not surprised b/c I'm not in any pain at the moment. Had I had the test done a week and a half ago when I was about to have DH take me to ER, something probably would have showed up on the scan. Apparently as cyst normally forms anyway once a month, but some women's cyst gets bigger than it's supposed to and that can cause the severe pain...at least that's what I've been reading online and it's what the lady explained yesterday. My doctor should be reading the results and calling me hopefully before the weeks out. Maybe going back on the pill will help me or something...that will be my next question b/c I cannot "deal" with pain like that. I thought I was gonna faint it was so bad.

Re: Daily commitment 1/13

Carrie, I don't do well with pain either. Hopefully you'll get the answers you need, soon.

Pat, so glad your friend got good news, God is so good!

Kim Bensen is a woman who has lost over 200 lbs. on WW. She has her own website and her own 1 pt. bagels, that she sells online (I have tried them, not bad but S&H is high). She wrote a book called Finally Thin about her journey with weight loss. I started reading it last night and it really hits home with me. I bought mine at Borders for $22.95 which is more than what you'd probably pay at Amazon but I couldn't wait.

I'm OP today and not feeling too good with a sore throat and stuffy nose and headache, yuck. We got tons of snow and lots of wind, I'm staying in and keeping warm today. Hope you all have a great day.


Re: Daily commitment 1/13

Laura - I'm gonna see if my library has her book, and if not, I'm getting on Amazon. I need to read something inspirational! It keeps me motivated.

Re: Daily commitment 1/13

Carrie, sure hope they find out the cause of your pain. I've had ovarian cysts and know that they are really painful. It's the not knowing that is so maddening isn't it?
Thanks for all your comments about my friend. I'll pass along your good wishes to her.
I splurged today and bought some new underwear. What I've been wearing is 2-3 sizes too big. I bought new gym pants the other day and I can't believe how much better they make me feel than the too big ones. I basically too cheap to spend money if I have something that works but decided I deserved new panties (LOL). I got them at Target and got the Haines 6 pack but they will at least fit. We all deserve to treat ourselves once in a while.


Re: Daily commitment 1/13

Good afternoon ladies. Hope all is going well with you all. I just got back to work a little while ago from a funeral. My babysitter's husband (also one of my best friend's stepfather) passed away last Thursday from that nasty hell we call cancer. He was in remission until about 4 months ago when it came back stronger and ended up traveling into his bone marrow.
It is sooooo darn cold out today! I can't wait for spring to get here so I can take the kids outside to play!
Food is going great. Didn't have much of a lunch as I had to get back to work so I am sure by 5:00 I will be starving. I plan on doing either my tae bo workout or the Gazelle tonight plus some crunches and pushups.
Hope you all have a great day.

Re: Daily commitment 1/13

checking in at the end of the day instead of the beginning, but grateful to be OP, Maajida