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Daily Committment - 1/14/09

Yikes, can't believe I am first to post....have a great OP day everyone....Maajida

Re: Daily Committment - 1/14/09

I'm in for another 24! I did just fine yesterday too.

The weather here is AWFUL! I cannot believe we didn't have at the very least a school delay!

We have another showing on our house today (the 3rd one in a week and a half). Can you believe someone would want to venture out in a snowstorm to see a house?? Anyway, I've been busy all morning trying to get ready for work, make my house spotless, and somehow get 3 of us to different places and I made it to work on time with a couple min. to spare. Not sure how I did that, LOL!

Anyway, I'm here at work by myself today. No doctor=no patients. She's working at another location today, so I will have to just try and entertain myself as best as I can.

I was very excited yesterday...just thought I'd share this. I have a profile page on facebook and a girl I was close to in high school (I lost touch with her after graduation) contacted me and sent me a very nice email asking how I'd been and so forth. I was so excited to see her pics and see that she'd had a daughter right out of high school. Facebook/Myspace makes it nice to contact those long lost people from our past who you always wonder about. And speaking of facebook/myspace...if any of you regulars on here have profiles and want to link to me, feel free to look me up. It's a great way to put a face with a name and see each other's pics. You can search for me by my name/location which is Carrie Dean/Avon, Indiana. Make sure if you do to mention you know me from Aimee's board!

Have a great day everyone!

Re: Daily Committment - 1/14/09

Good Morning everyone. We did have another late start this morning . Got a bunch of snow and wind last night again.

I'm in for anotherop day. Need to find some excercise to do today because jujitsu got cancelled at the last minute yesterday. Meals are Going really well on the food front, snacks however are kind of getting boring. I am trying to eat up what I have so I dont have to make a run to walmart and search the isles for one point snacks. If any one has suggestions let me know.

Carrie, I am off to facebook to look up up next. It will be fun to put a face to you.

Have a great day everyone!

Re: Daily Committment - 1/14/09

Hey carrie could I get your email address I cant find u on facebook by looking up your name. or if u dont want to post it here. Send it to mxracer@acsnet.com

Re: Daily Committment - 1/14/09

Good morning ladies. Hope this post finds you all well.
So far, so good today, but I just got to work so we will see how the day progresses. I just can't seem to curb my sweet tooth for some reason. It was my biggest weakness before I started WW. I am trying really hard to curb it though. I know that we are allowed to eat the stuff as long as we count it into our points, but I would rather have something filling than a bunch of "junk." I am getting better as the days go by.
I up'd my time on the Gazelle to 35 minutes last night and am working my way up to an hour. I'm sure it will take a while. My biggest problem is that my feet start hurting really bad. I figured it would be my legs or arms, but it's not. I have a good pair of shoes so I am thinking maybe I need some with shocks in them. I also worked my way up from 80 crunches to 100.
Enough of my jabbering. Have a good day all!

Re: Daily Committment - 1/14/09

Chels - try: carriejdean@aol.com

Let me know if that doesn't pull me up.

Re: Daily Committment - 1/14/09

I think I found u carrie!!!

Re: Daily Committment - 1/14/09

I OP today too. Got some running around done this morning in the fridgid temps! Today's high is 17 and it gets colder tomorrow. Brrrrrr!

Treadmill is done for today and I shoveled snow again too. That earned some extra AP's.

Scott and I are having Mcdonald's tonight - nuggets and fries. Mmmmmmmmm

Stay warm everybody. I know you folks out West have TERRIBLE weather too.

Re: Daily Committment - 1/14/09

WOW, can't believe how many posts there are already this a.m.! THIS IS GREAT! I got on here last night to post and my server was down, so I've had to catch up on everything!

Pat, glad your friend got good news! YES, GOD IS GOOD!!!

Carrie, about the book FINALLY THIN, you can also find it at Book-a-million or Barnes and Nobles. I bought mine at Books.... I am enjoying it so far, but have had interuptions and aren't reading it as quickly as I want to! It was just realeased the 30th of December. Does the library get new books quickly?

Carrie, I am also going to look for you on FB. My kids got me to get on back in the fall and I have really enjoyed it. Seeing all my kids photos, etc. that they post is a lot of fun. A lot of the pics, I had never seen! Now I have two of my four sisters on there and several friends and relatives! Hope I can find you.

So much for all that STUFF. I am OP today and was yesterday, also. We are going to Tennessee this week-end for a short visit, so I am already planning food wise what I will carry.

I am off to go birthday shopping in a few minutes. Mine is tomorrow, Saturday is my son's, the 23rd is my middle granddaughter's, and the 31st is one of my son-in-law's. We are having birthday dinner this Friday night at my daughter's house. It is her daughter and husband's birthdays this month. We are having Mexican (inc. my favorite taco soup). I am providing dessert and am trying a new recipe from a new cookbook. I'll give details later. It sounds really good!!

Must run as my day is getting away from me!! Have a great OP day everyone!!!!

Re: Daily Committment - 1/14/09

I'm OP, and staying in again today because of this terrible weather. We probably have over a foot down now and are expected to get another 10-12 inches by tomorrow night. Very frigid temps also. Seems like this winter so far has had a big snowfall for us here in SWL Michigan. Stay warm and safe everyone, and have a great day.


Re: Daily Committment - 1/14/09

Hi everyone. Didn't have time to post this AM. Went to the pool but I usually wear my suit under my clothes and this AM I wanted to wear my longjohns (4 degrees) so I left extra early so I would have time to change into my suit. Had a good workout in the pool but didn't have time for the treadmill. Went to a quilt class instead. Then went to Joann fabrics for some of their specials.
Yesterday when I was at the chiropractors he recommended using a stability ball for stretching and working out so I bought one. Today I did a routine on it while watching my recording of last night's Biggest Loser. It's supposed to be a good core workout just sitting on it. It sure feels good on my back when I stretch over it.
Food is going good but I don't know if I've lost anything this week. I only have to lose 0.9 to make it to 80#. We'll see. If I don't lose at least I know that I've done all the right things this week. I've lost or stayed the same for 3 weeks in a row and that is unusual for me.
Diane, have a great birthday. Your January sounds like my family's November for BD's.
Everybody stay warm in this crazy weather.