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Food 1/14

Breakfast-protein bar
Lunch - Smart One/Pasta Primavera, banana, Caramel apple salad
Snack - Cookie/Coffee
Dinner- spaghetti
Snack - Apple/PB2

Re: Food 1/14

B: oatmeal
L: sausage & chz calzone (recipe from this site), yogart
S: string cheeze or 100 cal pack
D: cheeseburger casserole (recipe also from this site)
S: philly swirl stick

Re: Food 1/14

B. rfpb and sf strawberry jelly on lt wheat.

D.no idea yeat

sn. sf jello, coffee

supper. crockpot perking porkchops, baby roasted potatoes, green beans.

sn. ?

Re: Food 1/14

B: waffles and PB2

L: French toast and SF syrup

D: 6 chicken nuggets, small fries, diet coke

treat: ww cookie dough sundae

Re: Food 1/14

Well I was just messing around on some website looking for a recipie for baked ziti when I came across some chicken recipies and found one for barbaque chicken pita pizza's! After trying carries pizza pitas I though this is perfect because we loved those. So I just made up one half of a pita pizza and it was a 3 pts. with just grilled chicken breast,in italian seasonings, 1 pt. of shredded cheese and 1 tbsp of lt. barbaque sauce. It was sooooo good. Cant wait for DH to get home for dinner because it is one of his favorite kinds of pizza and he hasnt had it in forever because of the points.!!

I have also seen onions and peppers put on these for extra bulk.
If u make 1 whole pita with 2 oz chicken, two points worth of cheese and 2 tbsp bbq sauce it end up being a 8. But it is very filling.

Re: Food 1/14

Chelsie - I'm gonna have to try your "BBQ Chicken Pita's...they sound awesome!