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Food 1/15

B: Oatmeal
S: Banana
L: Cheesburger Casserole & Yogart
S: String Cheese
D: Chicken
S: Something chocolate (if I have enough points left)

Re: Food 1/15

Breakfast - protein bar
Lunch - Smart Ones Baked Ziti and a banana
Snack - Cookie and Coffee
Dinner - Chicken, steamed Broccoli, and Lipton's mushroom rice
Snack - Pretzels

Re: Food 1/15

B-oatmeal with frozen peaches
S- apple and diet pepsi
L- bean soup and grapes
D-???? have to get something out of the freezer.

Re: Food 1/15

b. kashi with milk

l. chili with crackers

sn. sm piece of chocolate. (havent had ANY chocolate in 9 days. it was very good and I only had one piece and was satisfied yeah!!! Maybe I am learning that I can induldge with out going overboard. (That is usually my biggest problem)

d. left over taco

sn. apple cinnamon tea--I have found it is very relaxing to do tea at night. It is caffine Free and I put just a little splenda in it. It fills me up and there are no calories!!

Re: Food 1/15

B: 2 egg omelet with salsa - not sure who put this on originally but I LOVE it! It is very filling!
Sn: Melon and cheese
L: Turkey club pita
Sn: Crackers, cheese and a brownie muffin
D: Turkey stew and garlic toast
Sn: Caramel Latte

I'm in New Brunswick,Canada and it is freezing here too (-24)! I'm grateful for the wood heat!

Re: Food 1/15

Breakfast - Veggie Omelet with homemade salsa
Coffee with creamer (ALWAYS)

Lunch - Boca burger on a 1 point bun
Lettuce (Should have had something different
since I'm having burger for dinner,
but I love these things and they're
quick, filling,and addictive!)

Dinner - Grilled Hamburger, lettuce, tomato, onion
Grilled zuchinni

Snack - Yogurt, Hot cocoa

Re: Food 1/15

See my post on the daily thread...

But is case you didn't. Here is my confession.

B: waffles and PB2

L: 2 small bowls of seafood chowder
3 BLASTED PB/Chocolate chip cookies

D: 1/2 cup macaroni with marinara sauce