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Daily commitment 1/16

Hee Hee!! I am finally up first. LOL I used to always be up and on the computer and then things got busier in the morning and I found myself posting later and later.

So anywho, here I am! I am OP today after the cookie disaster yesterday. Thank you, Diane for your words of encouragement. And you are right - 3 cookies is better than all of them! LOL

I will do the treadmill this morning and plan out my food and all will be fine. Yesterday is past and today is upon me.

School is cancelled due to the low temps. It is -7 right now not counting the wind chill. Wes had a friend spend the night last night and Anna is invited to spend the night at her friend's house today. Mitch has a friend coming over tomorrow. Wow! Anna and her friend are going to see the movie Mall Cop, so let me know if want a kid's review. I will have on Saturday morning.

Stay warm and safe out there. I know many of you are in the midst of this awful cold weather as well. Be careful - it really can be dangerous.


Re: Daily commitment 1/16

Wow is it ever cold here, it's -34!! Right now, we have the pleasure of being the coldest major city in Canada. I'm OP today as well. I want to be sure the scale moves when I weigh in on Sunday. Hope everyone is staying warm!! And if you are in a warm, sunny spot, I must admit I am jealous!

Re: Daily commitment 1/16

Good Morning Everyone. Well we are into a warm warm place but we are finally above zero here in Iowa, but 5 degrees is all.

Got a pretty big day planned. No one has school today and DH doesnt work either so we are all going to the Washington Pavillion and out for pizza in Sioux Falls SD. The Pavillion has a science center that is awesome and always changing. As for the pizza I will look up points ahead of time and limit my intake based on that.

Tonight is The kickoff for girl scout cookies so we will attend that as well. Hope u all have a great day@


Re: Daily commitment 1/16

Good morning. Gee, I feel warm at 10. One of the good things of living 3 miles south of Lake Ontario is that we tend to stay a little warmer (the lake almost never freezes over like Erie does) plus we live in the middle of woods so at our house it is usually a couple degrees warmer than out on the road. The down side of the lake is that we get more snow. I decided I didn't want to go to the pool today so will use my stability ball and maybe some jumping jacks or running in place.
I took canadian bacon and imitation crab out of the freezer to make crab corn chowder today. Sure seems like a soup/stew day. I'm still on a high from yesterday's weigh in. Not sure why it was so important to get to 80# lost but it seemed like climbing a mountain and getting to the top. Now 've got my sights set on 100. One of the strangest things that I've noticed is feeling my ribs when laying in bed. At first I wasn't sure what I was feeling. Now I routinely run my hands down my sides and over my stomach and enjoy feeling body parts under the skin.
Today will be an OP day for sure.
Have a great day everyone


Re: Daily commitment 1/16

Hey there everyone.

Uki - I want to hear the review on Mall Cop. I want to see it ,it looks funny. I also want one of those things to ride on too!

Had a good day food-wise yesterday. Trying to decide what to eat today for dinner. Might just go out since I have brought my lunch to work all week. I still don't have the mess from last night's supper in the dishwasher yet.

Speaking of last night. I had my eye on some furniture on craigslist, and had emailed this lady about it right before my uncle died. She emailed me again yesterday and said that she was coming down another $100 to get rid of it. I guess around Thanksgiving, she gave her son her furniture for his frat house and her husband told her to go out and buy some new furniture so she does and he comes home and was like..."it's not leather...I thought we were getting leather!" So, she's taking the loss b/c he had his heart set on leather! Anyway, it's new high end furniture that is absolutely beautiful and is totally what I was looking for. So, I pick it up Sat. and I'm super excited!

Well, off to post my foods on the other thread. Have a great day everyone!

Re: Daily commitment 1/16

totally OP..just not much time to post...take care, all, maajida

Re: Daily commitment 1/16

Good morning everyone. On really cold days we get to wear jeans to work so I decided to pull a pair out of my drawer that I haven't been able to wear in a long time, and guess what???? THEY FIT!!!! They are a little snugm but they button and they are comfortable. I am so proud of myself.
I am OP so far today, but I am going to lunch at Mazzios and we are having buffet and I am a little worried. I think I will fill up on the salad portion and then have a slice of veggie pizza (hopefully they have some out).
Did 35 minutes on the Gazelle, 100 crunches and 20 pushups last night.
Hope you all have a good day!

Re: Daily commitment 1/16

And by the way, Pat, I just wanted to say what a great job you have done. 80 lbs is a lot of weight! You are truely an inspiration to me and I'm sure many others!

Re: Daily commitment 1/16

Good morning to all you "COOL" ladies!! Weather-wise,
too! Your temperatures are figid and I thought 11 was cold here this a.m.

Pat, I laughed when I read your posts about feeling your ribs. That is one thing in Kim Bensen's book that she tells about. She thought she had a lump and told her husband. When he started checking, he told her to feel on the other side. It was the same lump, her rib! I don't mean "laughed" in a critical way, just funny that Kim had the same situation! We're all just alike!

I'm planning an OP day today, even with dinner at the daughter's tonight. It's our "Month of Birthday's" dinner and we're going Mexican! YUM!

I won't be on here again until Monday night or Tuesday morning. We are making a quick trip to East Tennessee to visit family and will leave as soon as my WW meeting is over in the a.m. GREAT NEWS...my daughter is going with me in the a.m. to start! She has seen what a difference it has made for me in this last year! I am so excited! I'll have another "buddy" with me!

Have a great day and wonderful week-end! STAY WARM and WELL!!

HUGS (to keep you warm)....Diane S

Re: Daily commitment 1/16

I'm OP today.


Re: Daily commitment 1/16

Brooke, congratulations on getting the jeans on. It's funny how jeans seem to be the one thing we all measure ourselves by.
Thanks for your words of support.

Re: Daily commitment 1/16

Somehow, I just needed to come check in a second time, at the end of the day, in addition to the beginning...went out for dinner with my daughter...made wise, if not untraditional choices, and still was able to remain OP...enough left for a little sugar free ice cream and some diet hot choc.....just read the comment about measuring success by jeans fit...wow, it was neat to hear someone else describe the way I feel too. Hope you all had a good day....Maajida