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Daily commitment 1/17

Good morning everyone. Boy is it cold. We are the coldest of the season yet (1). I was supposed to work at a health fair today but it was cancelled so guess I'll do housework. It always seems there is something better to do than cleaning bathrooms and changing linens. I'm not much of a housekeeper and fortunately Jim isn't too fussy so we get along fine.
Foodwise I'm doing good. Still have trouble getting my oils in. I tend to save them till supper,just in case, and then don't use them. Some nights I make popcorn with my 2 tsp. of oil just so I can get them in.
Thank you to everyone for your messages about my total loss. It means a lot to have you all in my corner.
Have a good day everyone


Re: Daily commitment 1/17

Good morning everyone! We have another showing on our house at noon today, so I'm busy, busy cleaning! But, I wanted to drop in and say that I'm doing great. I went to the stores last night and I really stocked up on fresh fruits/veggies. I didn't even buy my 100 cal. chocolate cupcakes that I "think" I cannot live without. We'll see if I make a trip back for them, hehe!!

Anyway, hope you all have a great day. We are picking up my new sofa/chair/chaise that I "stole" on craigslist. I'm so excited! I mean, I got a huge deal!

Have a good one!

Re: Daily commitment 1/17

Good morning. We have a heat wave today. The temps are up to 10 degrees! Let's get those swimsuits out now. LOL

OP today. Mitch made a cake to celebrate his friend coming over today and I planned to have a small piece, and that was all I did have. No extra slices to even out a side or two. LOL We made it with applesauce and egg whites and lite frosting, so it was very WW friendly.

I got the treadmill out of the way to and we are just hanging out here at home. It started to snow again so it is a great day to just be at home.

Re: Daily commitment 1/17

Had a bad bad day. didnt eat the best, got really crabby, dont even know why, just one of those days. lets hope tommorrow is better


Re: Daily commitment 1/17

Hang in there Chels! I ended my day by eating 4 oreo's and a huge glass of milk. I don't know what came over me. Must have been chocolate deprivation! I knew I should have bought my 100 cal. choc. cakes, LOL!

Re: Daily commitment 1/17

Was joyfully OP today....and did a good stretch session and completed my whole step class for the first time in a long while. Just wanted to check in even though it's the end of the day. maajida

Re: Daily commitment 1/17

I'm with you Chels - must be something in the air. I ended the day with a bag of mini eggs - must be chocolate deprivation, lack of sleep, etc. I hope to be OP today!