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Daily Comittment for 1/17

Wow, I'm up first?!

Yesterday, I cheated. I'll admit it. Those oreo's for the kids tasted so good, until my medicine I take for the "sugar" kicked in and then I felt sick to my stomach. So, no, it wasn't worth it. But, yesterday was so crazy with that showing on the house, and then moving the new furniture in/and the old out, and then turning around and going to work...my whole eating schedule went out the window. Blah!

Well, weighed this morning. No gain no loss for this past week. I thought about the nibbles here and there that I did and my goal this week is to chew gum while I'm cooking dinner, so I'm not nibbling on a few pretzels here and there...b/c those do finally add up at some point, ya know! So, that's my goal. That and do drink more fluids.

I'm refocused for today, who's with me?

Re: Daily Comittment for 1/17

I think I dated this post wrong...you ladies are smart, you'll figure it out..sorry!