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Food 1/18

b. Banana, water

l. 2 grilled cheese with tomato soup. (one of my favorie meals )

sn. carrots

d. Habanero, and Pepper Jack cheese chicken sausages from bistro selections. Never had these but I love brats and I was hoping they would be comparable. It is finally warm enough to maybe run the grill.


Re: Food 1/18

Just got done with the Habenero, and Cheese chicken sausage and they were great. i would compare them to a brat just because of the snap u get when u eat them. We just ate them on a bun plain and they were so flavorful. They are only 3 pts per link and are as big as a brat. DH even loved it. SCORE!!

Re: Food 1/18

B: eggwhites scrambled with canadian bacon and tomatoes, lite wheat toast with Promise FF spread and SF jam

L: grilled turkey and cheese on lite wheat, baked spud with spaghetti sauce

D: fish sticks, angel hair pasta, green beans

treat: cookie dough sundae and toppings