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Daily Committment Thread- 1/19/09

I can't believe I'm first to post. I'm OP today and I'm going to WWs in a bit. I didn't do too bad at the Japanese Steakhouse last night but I wanted to eat all that rice. They gave me a 1/2 a plate of rice, huge pile of it. I only had a small amt. and gave the rest to my hubby. Anyway, I'm going to post a Baked Beef Ziti recipe that I think someone was asking if anyone had. Have a great day all.


Re: Daily Committment Thread- 1/19/09

Good morning Everyone. Laura, it would be great if u would post that. I was looking for one a while ago.
Just weighed in and lost 1 lb this week. Very happy with that considering i slipped up this weekend. I would have been happy with maintaining. Anything is better than a gain. So total is 5 lbs so far. yeah!

today I will probley just hang around the house. It is DH 30th bday so I am going to find a dessert to make for tonight. As well as a nice supper. I cant wait for tues, wensd, and thurs. It is going to be around 40 degrees every day!! That is a 70 degree difference from last week!! Thats crazy. Hope u are all staying warm up in the North East, warm weather is comming!!!

Op for me today!!


Re: Daily Committment Thread- 1/19/09

Weighed in this morning. Lost 4 this week which means I am down a total of 9 (in 2 weeks)!!! I'm super excited!!!
Hope you all have a good day and an OP week.

Re: Daily Committment Thread- 1/19/09

Great job Brooke and Chelsie!

I'm home today catching up on housework. What a weekend. I'm also trying to unpack a huge entertainment center I'm selling to my uncle. I keep stopping to list my books on craigslist. Also trying to stay on top of laundry.

Hope everyone had a super weekend.

Foodwise, I'm doing just fine.

Re: Daily Committment Thread- 1/19/09

Just checking in at the end of the day. Congrats Brooke and Chelsie. Laura good job at the restaurant.
OP today. Spent most of the day at the quilt shop taking a class. Got a good start on a new quilt top.


Re: Daily Committment Thread- 1/19/09

Good job, Laura. I love rice too!!

Kudos to Brooke and Chelsie on their losses this week. All that hard work does pay off!

The kids had a nice day today. The older ones went to a friend's house and we tried to take Mitch to a movie, but it was sold out. :(

I got lots of chores done and feel good about that. Another OP day under my belt. :)