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Food 1/19

B: Berry Oatmeal Cup (2 pts) & Yogart (2 pts)
L: Chicken Cream Cheese Burrito (6 pts)
and Frozen Fruit Salad (3 pts)
D: Crock Pot Chicken Stroganoff (4 pts) & egg noodles
(4 pts)
S: Chocolate Chip Cookie (3 pts) & Milk (2 pts)

Re: Food 1/19

Breakfast - protein bar
Lunch - turkey/cheese sandwich,pretzels,2 clementines
Snack - banana/pb2
Dinner - Roast, carrots, mashed potatoes.
Snack - Ice Cream Treat

Re: Food 1/19

B: Fancy Smancy Oatmeal (HG recipe)
Sn: yogurt
L: Faux fried chicken sandwich, carrots, cucumber and cherry tomotaoes
Sn: Fibre 1 bar
S: Chicken and veggies in garlic butter
Sn: Cheese and crackers

Re: Food 1/19

B. rfpb and sf strawberry jelly on lt bread

l.taco salad

d. pizza (was going to cook and then DH dad called and said he is treating us to pizza, I think I will just have one piece with a large salad.

sn. small small piece of cake.

Re: Food 1/19

B: LF Blueberry muffins

L: Turkey and cheese sandwich on lite wheat, baked spud with spaghetti sauce

D: chicken patty on lite wheat, mac n' cheese, broccoli

treat: WW PB Cup sundae with toppings