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Daily Committment Thread - Maajida

I'm up early, getting to spin class before work...yesterday's weigh-in was down one pound and last week it was down two....staying away from the scale except once a week now, on monday am.'s. After all the times of struggle in 2008, I wonder why I ever get so tempted to get off program, when being OP feels so much better. Here's to another great OP day. Take care, everyone. Uki, thanks for your words about my dad. Maajida

Re: Daily Committment Thread - Maajida

Good morning, Had a very busy day yesterday and then couldn't get to the site in the evening. Managed to get to the pool for my water aerobics class then went to the quilt shop for a class. We were given a list of fabrics that we needed to have ready but didn't know what the pattern was until we got to class. Oh my, lots of little pieces in a pattern that I probably would never have attempted. Guess we have to step out of our comfort zone in many things. Food was good yesterday and plan on it being OP today also.
Maajida, congrats on the loss. You are so right about feeling better when OP. Sometimes it's hard to remember how good you feel when presented with some tempting food.

Everyone have a great day


Re: Daily Committment Thread - Maajida

Thanks for getting this started, Maaj!! :)

I am OP today as well. Scott and the kids are back to school today. I will miss them, but it is good to get some things done around the house without people under me feet. LOL

I got the treadmill out of the way today and I am keeping the tv on to watch the inauguration. No matter what people's views may be about the new president - it is exciting to watch all the hustle and bustle. And, I am a kid at heart, and LOVE a good parade! :)

Have a great day everyone and stay warm out there.

Re: Daily Committment Thread - Maajida

Good morning all! I plan on being OP today. Worked out for almost an hour last night, plan on doing the same tonight.
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep my dog from getting into the fridge? It's not like he's not being fed. He is just a pig!!! I am sick of coming home to the door open on the fridge and a bunch of food (mostly wrappers) all over the house. We thought it was because there was a towel hanging on the door and he would just pull on that so we took the towel off and he still does it. I'm at my wits end with him and he's about to get booted out the door.
Anyways, hope you all have a good (OP) day!

Re: Daily Committment Thread - Maajida

Congrats maaj I agree one time a week is all we need to see those numbers.

brooke , u could maybe look in the baby section at walmart THey some times have fridge locks for kids so that might work.

It will be an op day for me. After pizza and a small piece of cake last night I hope no more suprises come my way. Uki u would be proud I did what u always do and I threw the rest of the cake away. I had bought a 7 in round one so not much would be wasted but what ever was left just went right in the garbage so there would be no question whether or not I would be tempted today.

today I plan to enjoy the coverage of the inaguration. I'm not a very political person just enjoy watching history unfold.

We also got our wii fit yesterday so I have enjoyed messing around on that.

Hope u all have a great Tuesday


Re: Daily Committment Thread - Maajida

Good morning everyone!

Maaj, congrats on the loss this week!

I had a great OP day yesterday and plan to today. Meals are already planned so that's part of the battle.

I'm signing off...I'm glued to the TV. It's totally fascinating and I'm a history buff so all the coverage of the Obama's and the inaguration is just right so interesting to me.

Have a great day everyone!

Re: Daily Committment Thread - Maajida

I blew it last night. I was doing good all day, even weighed in and lost 1.6 lbs. Then I got an urge (and I didn't fight it) and I made homemade chocolate chip cookies. I sat and ate 4 cookies along with some of the dough, ugh. I felt so bad afterwards and I made my husband take most of them into work today. They were so good, warm out of the oven. Oh well, it's over with and today is a new day and I am OP.

Congrats Maaj for your loss this week. Have a great day everyone.


Re: Daily Committment Thread - Maajida

Got home from our trip late yesterday, Left early yesterday morning in the snow. Was glad to get home and to my comfort zone!

Everyone was amazed at my weight loss as they had not seen me since the first of June. Felt good to get compliments and be happy with myself!

I stayed OP while I was gone and have been having a good day today. I am trying to clean house a little today as I am having some girls over to scrapbook this week-end. It will be a lot of fun! My Christmas tree may make it in the box in a little bit! My husband brought it in from the workshop about an hour ago!

Sweet potatoes are in the crockpot for dinner and husband will crank up the grill to do a steak in a little while. We have missed our cooking while we were gone! LOL!

Have a great evening!

Re: Daily Committment Thread - Maajida

Forgot to say, I had finished the book FINALLY THIN and it is so inspirational. I underlined a lot of information and will pass it on to others to read. Great recipes, too!

Re: Daily Committment Thread - Maajida


You go girl!! Good job on pitching the cake. I do the same thing. I LOVE LOVE LOVE cake and one piece is enough. If there is any left - in the trash it goes. Well done! :)


Don't feel badly. I did the same thing last Thursday. We were at my inlaws and I sat there and ate 3 HUGE PB/Choc chip cookies. One after another... What was I thinking???? But, I ate sensibly the rest of the day and dusted my rear end off and got back OP. You can do it. What is done is done. You will be just fine.


Re: Daily Committment Thread - Maajida

Laura and Uki, I am so inspired by your fighting of the 'cookie wars', and coming out even stronger. I think temptations like that are just a part of life....the thing is to learn to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and keep right on going toward what we want to accomplish....did anyone notice that this sentiment was so poignantly expressed in Obama's speech today? It seemed to me that he said a lot of things when talking about the longed for healthy future of our country and working against adversity that just seemed to relate to our OP journey here. I am not a politically oriented person, but today sure was an incredible day. Maajida