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Food 1/20

B: Oatmeal & banana
L: Special K meal bar & oatmeal cup
D: King Ranch Chicken and Garlic Mashed Potatoes
S: Frozen Fruit Salad

Re: Food 1/20

b. kashi with skim milk

l. chicken sausage on lt bun with salad


s. baked ziti with veggies

sn. apple cinnamon tea

Re: Food 1/20

Breakfast - protein bar
Snack - 2 small clementines
Lunch - Turkey/Cheese sandwich with spinach leaves on lite wheat bun, black raspberry yogurt, 1 c. grapes
Snack - 100 Cal Choc. Cake
Dinner - 1 place veggie pizza and a big salad
Snack - Banana

Re: Food 1/20

B'fast - Coffee with creamer
Oatmeal with SF apple cider mix

Lunch - Homemade vegetable soup
Turkey smoked sausage

Snack - Cup hot cocoa

Dinner - Steak
Baked sweet potato

Re: Food 1/20

I looked at the calories on the pizza and decided it wasn't worth it.

So, had leftover chicken and a huge salad.

Then I looked at my ice cream bars and discovered that they are a point higher than I was counting. That's always nice, huh?

So, from time to time, be sure to check the labels because in my case, the nutritional value must have changed slightly on this item and it pushed it up to the next point. Grr!

Re: Food 1/20

baked ziti was wonderful, whole family loved it. Thanks for posting the recipie!

Re: Food 1/20

Well, I ate all this already, so I will just post what I ate. LOL

B: Waffles and PB2

L: 2 pieces of lite wheat toast with FF Promise and SF jam (hangs head - hardly the pillar of nutrition here, but I got WAY sidetracked and it was like 4p and I was hungry but it was awfully close to dinner and I didn't want to mess it up... That's my story and I am sticking with it.) LOL

D: Shake and Bake chicken breast, garlic mashed taters, green beans, 3 bites of Mitchell's corn

Treat: WW PB cup sundae and toppings