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Daily Commitment 1/21

Good morning. A quick post to get us started. I'm off to the gym and then helping a friend with her quilt most of the day. Food is going good. Made a great stew last night. Haven't gotten in as much exercise as usual so hope the scales won't be too scary tomorrow.
Have a great day


Re: Daily Commitment 1/21

Good morning, Patty and everyone. I'm off to the gym too, before work...too many things interfere with it if I tried to do it after work. Here's to a great OP day. Maajida

Re: Daily Commitment 1/21

Good morning everyone. I'm already at work and have several things I have put on the back burner and I half to get them done - nothing major, just "paperwork." Blah!

At work we have a weekly meeting. I'm pretty worried as they are talking lay offs. My particular office didn't even make budget for 2008, so I know they will be looking at me for sure. I've been through lay off's with 2 other companies and I cannot handle another. So, please keep me in your prayers that my job will be safe.

On the food front, I did well yesterday. Not sure how b/c I was so worried and the stress tends to make me start munching away.

Well, off to the bank. Have a good day everyone.

Re: Daily Commitment 1/21

Hello, Hello, oh carrie I am thinking of u this morning. I know the feelings of layoffs. We had to go to work All Month in December wondering what was going to happen. It is a hard way to work. Make sure to find some stess relievers other than food.

i will be op today. Food went quite well yesterday. dont know if I will be able to workout much today quite sore from jujitsu. I will probley just practice my white belt level 1 and 2 punches and kicks.

Hope u all have a great day

Re: Daily Commitment 1/21

Good morning! Brrrr, it is cold here this morning. I am OP and have exercised. I got a few groceries, and the cable guy came with our new box. The other one kicked the bucket recently.

I spent some time this morning calling some local churches for information. We have come to the painful decision, that we need to change churches. This has been a long time coming. We just hadn't gotten real confirmation form God until last night. Last night, we got the message loud and clear. I phoned 5 churches this morning and we will visit 4 of them. We ruled one out right away because they have no youth programming, and our 8th grader wouldn't even have a Sunday School class to go to. That isn't going to work. LOL We will visit the first church this Sunday. THis is kind of complicated for us because we are so involved in our current church - Scott is in the Praise band every week and I teach Junior High church 2 times a month and we lead youth group 2 times a month. Sigh. This is painful for us. :(

I hope everyone is doing well. Stay warm out there!


Re: Daily Commitment 1/21

Hey Uki! It's no fun trying to find a new church home. Been there/done it. See my email I just sent you.

Praying you all make the right decision!! Hugs!

Re: Daily Commitment 1/21

Uki, sorry you have to go through problems at church. We are struggling through problems with our church too. Our minister was a big problem and he just left so hopefully there will be healing. We left one church after 15 years and decided we weren't ready to leave this one. When he left it made life a little better.
Keep the faith.
Carrie, sorry to hear about your job worries. I was never in that position but my sister, at age 58, is facing her job ending in 2 weeks. Hope the best for you.


Re: Daily Commitment 1/21

Carrie, I know how hard it is when you hear the word layoffs. My husband works for GE and will find out at the end of this month whether he has a job or not. I have been stress eating the last couple of days and it hasn't been good. I don't work, so he's our only source of income. I'll pray for you, you pray for me.

Uki, it can't be easy leaving a church you've been so active in. I'll pray that God leads you & your family in the direction He wants you to go.

Today started out good and I haven't blown it too bad but all I can think about is food, food, and more food.


Re: Daily Commitment 1/21

Late posting today as I had my four year old granddaughter for the day and had to pick up the two younger boys after school, also. My daughter came and got them about 5:15, though, so we have had a quiet evening.

Carrie, sorry to hear about your possible lay-off. These are hard times for so many people. I will keep you in my prayers.

Uki, I think the devil is on the rampage in a lot of churches! We are currently without a pastor and so many things are going haywire! Our pastor left, our children's minister left, and a week ago our youth pastor took a position in another city close by. We only have an interim pastor, an adult minister and a music minister at the moment. It is tough, but so far I am hanging in there! A lot of things need to change in our church and soon because we have so many people leaving our membership!

Today has been a good OP day for me. I finally made myself do a little walking this a.m. before the granddaughter got here. I am still housecleaning for my scrapbooking bunch coming over Friday for the week-end. I haven't had a lot of time to think about eating! LOL! TOO BUSY!!

Hope I can get on here earlier tomorrow. I always love reading everyone's posts no matter what the hour, though!

Have a good evening!