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Daily Committment Thread - 1/22/09

Here we go for another OP day! Hope it's a good one for all. Maaj

Re: Daily Committment Thread - 1/22/09

Good morning. I'm off to WW in about an hour then need to do some shopping. I've just about emptied the freezer so need to restock in case we get snowed in. That rarely happens but like to be prepared.
Don't know what I'll be eating today but know that it will be OP. I've been really good about tracking on WW e-tools even though I'm doing "Simply Filling, AKA Core) it is really helpful to know how many weekly and activity points I have left. Last night we had turkey Italian sausage and I wanted 2 pieces which were 7 points. I knew that I had plenty of extra points so I had them and enjoyed the sausage very much. Also made Swiss Chard with tomatoes. I forget about chard and how good it is and then the memory will pop in my head. I'm thankful that we have all the fresh greens available all year. Had lunch with my friend from Hungary yesterday and as I was eating a salad she said they have little access to greens there. They can get some expensive fresh spinach but that's about it. She also said that most of the bread they can buy is white. I'd have a hard time without greens and whole wheat bread.
Hope you all have a wonderful day.
Diane, I liked what you said about the devil being loose in the churches. It sure feels like it, but we will prevail.


Re: Daily Committment Thread - 1/22/09

Good morning everyone!

Ugh! By the time I got home last night I gobbled dinner down so quick that I barely tasted it. Then I spent several hours of nibbling here and there on pretzels and clementines. It just wasn't cutting it...I was hungry. Probably slightly depressed about my job, but really just hungry. So, I made me one and a half PB/Jelly Sandwiches and a glass of milk and a banana with PB. I'm not talking PB2 folks, I had the real deal. Now, I did use diet bread and sugar free jelly, but still. I just was hungry.

Anyway, this morning, I'm still depressed and I'm not sure if it's b/c my thyroid level might be slightly "off" today, or b/c TOM is around the cornor, or b/c of my job situation. Honestly, it's probably a little of everything.

So, I'm going to "try" and do better today.

Thanks for keeping me in all your prayers!

Re: Daily Committment Thread - 1/22/09

Good morning! I agree that Satan is alive and kicking! I swear he must be hounding all us Christians lately. Thank you to all of you for your words of support and enouragement with our church situation. I know you Ladies truly know how hard this is. :(

Carrie - hang in there. I have felt that same wicked hunger and I think it comes from nat enough healthy fats. That makes me crave good fats like REAL PB. I have done the exact same thing! I find that those healthy fats satisfy me and stay with me longer than the lite and FF versions of foods. I don't eat a lot of the real stuff, but when my body says to eat it, I do. :)

I hope the weather cooperates for everyone and that you are all staying healthy.

We may be getting a new family member - a new cat. We found one on Craig's List that needs a new home. He is 8 years old, neutered and declawed and the family's one year old is allergic to him. We will know more later today.

OP for me - food is planned and supper is in the crockpot.

Re: Daily Committment Thread - 1/22/09

Carrie, I did the same thing yesterday and reached for the real PB. I ate everything in site yesterday and I'll use the excuse of being stressed about my hubby's job situation. Also, TOM any day now. I weighed myself this morning and gained .5 lbs. Now for the amount of food I ate yesterday I thought it would be up 3 lbs. lucky me it wasn't. I am OP today whether I want to be or not. Going shopping tonight to get some healthy foods back in the house. Have a great day everyone. Uki, I hope you get that cat you want.

Re: Daily Committment Thread - 1/22/09

Sounds like the devil's out with the peanut butter, too! LOL! Hope everyone is having a better day today.

I just stopped long enough from my housecleaning to jot a message to say I'm OP today. I have too much to do and still have to go to the grocery store for a few things for the week-end, too!

I have an OP menu for everyone that's coming to scrapbook. They can bring their own "junk" if they want it, but I will be prepared otherwise!!


Re: Daily Committment Thread - 1/22/09

I'm OP for today. Had to take my son to the doctor this morning. He has had a really bad runny nose and isn't acting himself lately. Found out that he has an ear infection. Poor little guy. I had no idea it was his ears.
Have a good day ladies.

Re: Daily Committment Thread - 1/22/09

Good Evening Everyone hope u all had a great day.

Left my house really early this morning to go shopping with my mother. Cute little kids store we went to because she had some good coupons. She went and bought bday presents for 4 of her granddaughters (two of them my daughters). My youngest was along so she got to pick hers out. She may be four but she is so into fashion she had a blast. I just browsed around a bit. Even with a 40 percent of coupon I didnt purchase anything. It isnt a neccesity right now. I mean we arent struggling but if we were living the lifestyle we were even 3 months ago we would be. So I just try and save as much as I can because who know what is going to happen in the comming months.

Went to subway for dinner. Then off to a meeting at school for my daughter. She has been in speech therapy for 5 years now. She achieved her goals 3 months ahead of schedule and needed to set new ones. I was very proud of her.

Tonight we are having a no tv night just some reading and playing games. Sometimes it is nice to have it be a little quiet.

See u tommorrow