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Daily commitment 1/24

Good morning everyone and hears hoping we all have a great OP day!

We should hear about the cat thsi morning. My fingers are crossed. LOL, Brooke, over you wanting to get rid of yours! :)

It sure sounds like everyone is busy lately, and I am too, so off I go to start the day!

Re: Daily commitment 1/24

Hubby and I are off to jujisu this morning then going to go shopping for my daughters new bike for her bday. Going out to eat at Texas Road house because we have a gift card and coaching my self all day not to eat the warm yummy rolls with honey butter that are all u can eat!! I will stay op. Hoping there is a good salad or grilled chix menu

have a great day! Chels

Re: Daily commitment 1/24

Good morning. Not much on plan today except to stay warm. The bottom dropped out of the thermometer last night. Will probably spend most of the day working on my quilt. No problems with food. Made a great dish last night with bay scallops from Aldi's (frozen 3.99 for 1 pound). Mixed the scallops with sautéed mushrooms and onions. Topped with crushed saltines and shredded parmesan cheese. Baked at 400 for about 10 minutes. The scallops were so sweet.
Well, time to get busy. Have a great OP day everyone


Re: Daily commitment 1/24

OP YES! this am heading for the gym for stretch and step classes and then errands and rest time and then grandson for overnight. hugs and wishes to you all for a great OP day, maajida

Re: Daily commitment 1/24

I'm OP today and doing better food wise. It's been a rough couple of days wanting to eat everything in site. Finally the scale moved down this morning instead of up like it's been doing all week. I don't like weighing everyday but every other sometimes.

I'm watching my 2 yr. old granddaughter today. I just love the time I get to spend with her. She's leaving for Florida Tues. and I won't get to see her for a week,

Chelsie, I've eaten at Texas Roadhouse several times and I get their 6 oz. sirloin (so juicy and tender, I asked them not to use butter to cook it), baked potato(butter & sour cream on the side) and salad(dressing on the side) I do have to eat their croutons though because they're the best. I've even lost weight the day after I've eaten there.

Have a great day everyone, I will, enjoying my baby girl


Re: Daily commitment 1/24

Just now checking in...wnet to WW meeting this a.m. Had lost another 2 pounds, so I was excited!

Girls are back today scrapbooking and we're having fun. Husband has smoked two chickens, smoked turkey sausage, and a cabbage on the smoker for us for dinner tonight. YUMMY! I'll add green beans and something else to the menu.

I've been doing good OP except for sneaking some cheese ball with crackers, occasionally. That's not good!!!

Hope every is having a great day and week-end.

Re: Daily commitment 1/24

Well sounds like everyone had a great day.

In Jujitsu I hurt my sholders and back after not flipping all the way on jump so I am pretty sore now. i landed head first in the mat and I think I just compressed everything together so it will just take some time to un kink.

After that we went to texas roadhouse and it was wonderfull. I did not hold to my promise of not eating the bread. AHHH that bread is just so good. But I did decline when offered more. My husband and I got a gift card for christmas so we went all out and tried a little of everything. He got steak, ribs and a shrimp skewer, I got bbq chicken and bbq pork. He got steak fries for a side but I got the sweet potatoe oh my gosh I have never had sweet potatoe before and it is awesome!! I dont know if how they make it is very friendly? do any of u know? I had the butter and brown sugar on the side so none of that was on it. Our book said 7 oz was a 3 and it was at least that. But it sure filled me up and it was so sweet I actually felt guilty for eating something so good!!! Anyway ended up having just a bite or two of all the meats, the shrimp was my favorite. We just took home the left overs. We ate at 1130 this morning. I had a very lite supper with it just a few points and I am still satisfied. There is sure something to say for filling up on protein and other things good instead of snacky fillers.

The other thing I managed to conqure today (I say today because I am sure it will not happen everytime but today it did) is when I did over eat I accepted that and kept it light the rest of the day and did not binge like I have been know to do. i usually feel guilty and then figure the day is shot anyway so who cares. Maybe if has something to do with weighing in on Monday instead of Wedsnday. Who knows. Anyway I'll stop "talking" now. Hope u all are enjoying a wonderful saturday night.

Take care