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FOOD for 1/25

B'fast - Coffee with creamer
FF Capuccino (on the way to church)
Cereal, Yogurt (after church)

Lunch - Veggie Omelet
Homemade salsa

Dinner - Chicken pot pie made with leftover smoked
chicken from last night's dinner

Snack - Apple
Hot SF apple cider (can't get warm today)

Re: FOOD for 1/25

Breakfast - protein bar, coffee/creamer
Lunch - Salad, Veggie Soup, Apple Salad
Snack - 100 cal. choc. cupcake
Dinner - Pizza made from Joseph's Lavash Bread with Turkey Pepperoni/Red & Green Pepper's/Mushrooms
Snack - Banana

Re: FOOD for 1/25

B: eggbeaters with mushrooms and tomatoes, canadian bacon, lite toast

L: rigatoni with marinara sauce

D: lite hot dog on lite wheat, baked beans, carrots

treat: cookie dough sundae