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Daily commitment 1/26

Good morning. Off to the gym in a few minutes. No other plans for the day. I spent some time last night looking at recipes for something different. Think I'll make a dish with grits, ham and cheese. Even though we're Northerners we both like grits.
Hope all of you who are fighting illnesses are soon feeling better. Uki good news about your church visit. When we changed churches we moved to one in our town so that Jeremy had school friends there. Seemed to make a difference for him.
Hope you all have a great OP day.


Re: Daily commitment 1/26

Pat, I love grits and I'm a Northerner too. Thanks for all the well wishes. I'm still not feeling "up to par" but I'm going to venture out to WW. I'm not staying for the meeting because I am coughing too bad. I just want to get back home and cuddle up in my warm blanket.

Uki, glad things went well with your new church visit. It's very important to have a good youth group for your children. My son went on mission trips with his youth group and was so blessed by them. Glad you got the cat too.

I'm OP today and hopefully I will have a loss at WW. I'll try to post my loss later.


Re: Daily commitment 1/26

Here's to another OP day to begin an OP week. Monday am weigh-in, down one pound...it's going so slowly, but I am so grateful that it's going. Have a great week, everyone. Maaj

Re: Daily commitment 1/26

Good morning! My little guy is a little better; still coughing a lot and not much appetite,but that fever is gone (it was 103 degrees) and that's good.

Did just fine on the food front yesterday. Bought some different soups at the store on Friday to try this week. Yesterday I had the Campbells Healthy Harvest Light something or other Southwestern Veggie. It was OK. They don't really put a lot of veggies in there, but it was "OK."

I'm home today. Man, it's cold out there. I'm waiting on a delivery that is scheduled to come sometime later today - a part for the refridgerator. The place just called me and now I have to put in for a half vacation day for Wed. to have the repair man come back out. DH is out of personal time and since I just got all my time back, it will be me meeting the repair man.

Well, have a good one. Hope everyone is doing well.

Re: Daily commitment 1/26

Good morning...off to a good start today! Finally got myself going with the walking first thing instead of procrastinating like usual!

Pat, I'm from the South, born and raised, and grits aren't too high on my food chain! LOL! They're good, but I like my points in other areas! LOL! Enjoy!

Maaj, I love your attitude about the 1 pound! You know that's how mine has been coming off most of the time and I have hung in here for a year doing WW. It is SO WORTH IT!

Laura, hope you feel better soon. I wanted to stay under a warm blankie this a.m. It's a little cold for here and we are under the icy storm warning, etc! Good day for curling up and working on more of my WW menus.

Carrie, glad your son is doing a little better. High fevers are no fun for little ones or the mothers!

I plan to be OP for the day. My omelet is waiting for me in the kitchen. I'm getting a slow start! Hope everyone has a good one!

Re: Daily commitment 1/26

Pat, grits sound wonderful!! What time should we be over to eat? LOL

Carrie, I am glad your son is better. I think a sick child is at the top of my "dreaded" list. I tried some of those soups too, and found they were just okay. The thing about them, is that they fill me up but don't seem to stay with me too long.

Maaj, 1 pound is 1 pound. It is something to celebrate! Yay!

Diane, your cheerful attitude makes me smile everytime I read it. :)

Laura, I hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself.

I am cleaning and helping the new kitty to get settled in. He spent the night hiding behind his litter box. :( I know it will take time. He isn't hissing anymore and did let me pet him and brush him this morning. I think he will come around.

Rumor has it there is more snow headed our way tomorrow night, so I am getting chores done now in preparation for a possible snow day on Wednesday. It is cold here again... I swear I will never defrost!

Re: Daily commitment 1/26

Good morning. I hope this post finds you all well. Today was my weigh in. I am down another 4 pounds for a total of 13. I have 6 more pounds to lose to reach my first goal.
We got our kids' pictures taken this weekend. Carter just turned 2 and Taylor 3 months. Tayor's turned out great. She is soooo stinkin cute and smiles all the time. Carter on the other hand decided that he didn't want to cooperate and have his pictures taken so we only got one good shot of him. I guess you can't expect much out of a 2 year old but I was very upset when we left the studio that day.
Last night we turned his crib into the toddler bed and when I took him up for bed I read to him and left the room and he was fine. When I went up a few hours later to put Taylor in her crib, I checked on him and he was laying on the floor. I know he didn't fall out of bed or I would have heard him. He must have gotten up and decided he wanted to lay on the floor. I put him back in his bed and he stayed there all night. Gosh, they are growing up way to fast.
Hope you all have an OP day!!

Re: Daily commitment 1/26

good morning everyone just a quick stop to check in I am busy cleaning and going through closets this morning. Down one pound for my monday am weigh in. I am very happy with that because we ate out3 different times this week and it can be very hard to say op for me when I venture out away from the comforts of my prepared low pt meals at home. So total of 6 lbs.

hope u all have a good day

Re: Daily commitment 1/26

I weighed in today and I lost 4.2 lbs. which brings my total to 35.3 since Oct. I'm happy with that.

Re: Daily commitment 1/26

Hey, good job to all the "losers" this week!!

Re: Daily commitment 1/26

Wow, what a bunch of good losers this week. Congrats to all of you.


Re: Daily commitment 1/26

Yahoo!!! Claps for all the awesome losers this week!! You gals, rock!

Re: Daily commitment 1/26

Yeah, for the losing team! We are all WINNERS in this game, though! YAHOO!!!!