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Daily Committment Thread - 1/27/09

can't believe I'm the first to check in. Here's to another OP day...extreme tension here...almost 89 year old mom in hospital with respiratory infection. Am trying to keep my schedule 'normal' while running back and forth between home, work, and hospital, and gym. I know to get off program with eating or exercise will only make things worse. Hope the rest of the week gets more positive. Take care, Maajida

Re: Daily Committment Thread - 1/27/09

I'm at work and OP. Did great yesterday.

Hope you all have a great day. I'm off to get busy.

Re: Daily Committment Thread - 1/27/09

Maaj, I will keep you and your mom in my prayers today. I am so sorry to hear of her illness. :(

Carrie - awesome that you had a good day yesterday! Here's hoping today is good too. :)

The weather here is going to get dicey later this evening and tomorrow, so we are planning for a snow day. I called some friends of Wes and Anna to see if they can come over to play if school is cancelled. They are homeschooled, so it sort of depends on their schedule. She is going to call me back later this morning.

I had a good day yesterday and got caught up on chores.

The cat, Scooter, is adjusting well. He finally came out of the laundry room and is exploring the rest of the house. He will allow us to pet him more and he and our cat have has staring contests, but no hissing. I think that is good.

I have my meals planned and have done the treadmill. Off to dust the house. I HATE HATE HATE dusting. Blech! LOL

Re: Daily Committment Thread - 1/27/09

Maaj i will be thinking of u and your mother today hope all goes well.

op for me today. Yesterday went well , got a little hungry after supper I was wathcing the food network diners drive ins and dives. Burgers and fries yummy. so I had sf pudding with a banana. not quite the same but tided me over. I was supposed to watch my nephew today but his mom ended up getting the flu so I will not have him anymore. I will probley look for some more recipies got to get my grocery list made up. Looking for recipies for making a sweet potatoe if any of u have any tips let me know. After that one at Texas Roadhouse I've been craving to make one.

Heres to hoping u all have a wonderful op day


Re: Daily Committment Thread - 1/27/09

I'm OP today. I got on the scale this morning and lost another 1.5 lbs. since yesterday's weigh in. I was so excited because I hit a goal that I haven't been at in about 2 yrs. Woohoo, I wanted to make that goal before I go see my son Thursday at college. I was hootin and hollerin when I saw it .

Maaj, I'm praying that your mom be healed in the name of Jesus.

I'm feeling a bit better today, I have to take my oldest son and family to the airport in about an hour, they're off to Florida, so lucky.

Have a great day everyone.


Re: Daily Committment Thread - 1/27/09

Maaj - I hope your mom starts feeling better soon.
Laura - congrats on your loss.

I am OP for today. Did great yesterday. We are trying everything we can think of to keep our dog from getting into the fridge when we are gone. yesterday we tied the doors shut with a shoe string but he just chewed it apart and was just starting to get into the fridge when I stopped back at home on my way to work. So then, I put him in the bathroom and closed the door. When my husband got home from work he called me and said that the dog put a huge hole in the door and got out. He was hiding under the crib when Jason went to find him. I got home and looked at the hole and it is half the door. Now we have to get a new bathroom door. RRRRRRR, I'm so mad at that darn dog. We used to keep him in a kennel when we were gone, but he learned how to get out of that so it did no good. I don't know what we are going to do. If it were up to me, he would be gone.
Then this morning I started my car and the needle on the speedometer started flying all over the place and then flew to the right and now it is stuck under the little part that it's supposed to be sitting on top of when the car is in idle or parked. So now I can't tell how fast I'm going.
I'm hoping this week gets better soon!

Re: Daily Committment Thread - 1/27/09

Brooke, I am so laughing right now, but I know it's not funny about your dog. It would be gone, too, if it were mine! LOL!!! I saw the commercial on tv the other night where there's a dog getting into a fridge and I was trying to remember where I had heard or seen that before! Now I know it was from you! LOL! Sorry about your speedometer, too! Hopefully your day is going better by now!

Maaj, I know how dealing with your Mother can be an emotional thing! I went through all of that with my Mother living in MS. Fortunately, I was able to spend a lot of time with her at my sister's who was taking care of her before she died. We don't know what God's plan is as we get older, but find strength from Him and those who are praying for you both!

Laura, yeah, for your weight loss! It's a great feeling to reach a goal you've set for yourself. It helps us keep on keeping on!

Carrie, glad you're having a good day!

I think I'm in love with a new food! LOL! Uki, I finally decided I would do something different for breakfast, so I made pumpkin pancakes that you were hooked on for so long! LOL! I added sweetner, pumpkin pie spice, and only used 1/8 cup of SF syrup. I made nine small ones and they were fantastic! That is now added to me breakfast menu!!! Thanks for the power of suggestion! LOL!

I'm OP, so I'll get off here and get busy to pass the time. Scrapbooking seems to be on the afternoon adgenda! It's COLD here and ICY!!!!

Re: Daily Committment Thread - 1/27/09

Brooke, I'm with you, that dog would be gone or at least he would stay outside. Good luck. How about a chain and padlock on the frig?

Maajida I'm praying for your mom's recovery

Laura, you are melting away.

I'm OP for another day. Finished at the gym and went to chiropractor so now I get to sew the rest of the afternoon. If we are snowed in tomorrow I'll get to sew all day. I have to drive 20 miles to the gym so if the roads are as bad as predicted I'll stay home.
Bought a pork roast to have for supper with sauer***** and potatoes. Think I'll make chocolate pudding for dessert.
Have a great day everyone.


Re: Daily Committment Thread - 1/27/09

Thanks everyone for the congrats, it feels good. Brooke, what kind of dog do you have? You need to watch the movie Marley and Me, you would crack up. It's sounds a bit like your dog, lol.

Re: Daily Committment Thread - 1/27/09

My dog is a mutt pound puppy. He is a mix of boxer, bulldog, pitbull (don't really know).