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I just wanted to tell you how excited I am for your losses recently!! We missed you when you were gone and since you have come back, you are an inspiration to us all!! I am high fiving you big time from Ohio. :)


Re: Laura...

Aww, Uki that means so much to me, thanks for taking the time to write that. I get very encouraged by you also. It just took me awhile to get back on that wagon. I feel really good now, and am making wiser choices. I tell my husband that when I used to go grocery shopping (and I was OP) I would see people buying whatever they wanted, chips, donuts, cookies, etc. and I felt like why can't I eat that stuff or as much of that stuff as I want. Then I started saying, I can buy that if I want and eat as much as I want if that's the choice I want to make, but that's not the choice I want. Just knowing that helps me for some reason. I know it is a weird thing but it works for me. Also,what helps is this website, knowing we all overeat certain days but get back OP the next day or next meal. Before, when I would go crazy eating I would keep it up all day. I'm now learning I don't have to do that. It's funny how sometimes things just seem to click, when before they didn't. I hope I'm making sense here because in my mind I am. Anyway, thanks again Uki and everyone else who has encouraged me.