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food 1/27

b pb and j on lt toast

sn. banana

d fried rice with chicken sausage on a bun.

sn. coffee

s. salad with lt dressing, pepper turkey sandwich

Re: food 1/27

B'fast - Uki's Famous PUMPKIN PANCAKES (3pts)
1/8 c. SF Syrup (0pts)

Lunch - Boca Burger on 1 pt bun (that I didn't have
yesterday - made chicken salad, instead)
Lettuce, Onion, Dill pickles

Snack - Apple

Dinner - Stuffed Bell Pepper (3pts)
Green Beans
Fried Cabbage

Snack - Hot Cocoa, WW Yogurt

Re: food 1/27

I'm famous???? LOL Well, my pnackes are! :)

B: waffles and PB2

L: PB and J sandwich and fruit

D: chicken patty sandwich, shells and cheese (just a spoonful though), green beans

treat: cookie dough sundae and toppings

Re: food 1/27

Breakfast - protein bar
Lunch - Turkey/Cheese on Joseph's Lavash Wrap with spinach and sliced yellow peppers and a smidge of miracle whip light. Raspberry Lite Yogurt
Snack - 100 cal. choc. covered pretzels and an apple
Dinner - making pizza tonight for family, but mine will be my own pizza on a Joseph's Lavash Wrap with Turkey Pepperoni, mushroom,peppers
Snack - Banana Cream Pudding (with my own banana chunks and FF Cool Whip

Re: food 1/27

B: Grape Nuts

L: Chili Cheese Nip Chicken & Yogurt

S: 100 Cal pack choc. covered pretzels

D: Taco Salad

S: Snicker Pie

Re: food 1/27

holy cow I am having a really munchie day. I ate breakfast and was hungry with in an hour. Drank a ton of water this morning just to tide me till dinner at 1130. Ate a huge lunch and was still hungry. Indulged in a small piece of dark chocolate because it is what i really wanted. Only had one so that is good. Got the chocolate craving gone but I am STILL HUNGRY!!! So then I ate a bowl of lite popcorn and read a book to keep me occupied. Took a cup of coffee with me to pick up the kids from school and keep my mind off of food. Now I am left with a whopping 4 points for supper. It is a week before my period so I dont know if that is what is affecting it. But man I just cant stop thinking about food today!! I usually only get this way after 8 o clock. so it is very hard to deal with it all day!!

well I better go get supper ready. Just felt the need to "scream" a little bit.