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Sweet Potato Ideas for Chelsie

Chelsie, I forgot to tell you how I do sweet potatoes sometime:

1 - Wash, dry, spray with 0 pt butter, wrap in foil,
and bake in 375 oven (can be done in crockpot)
until fork tender.
Cut open, spray with O pt butter, sprinkle with
sweetner or Sugar Twin or Splenda brown sugar. I
think it tastes just as good as TX Roadhouse!

2 - Wash and peel potato. Cut into "french-fry" size
pieces and lay on sprayed cookie sheet. Sprinkle
with desired seasoning and bake in 350/375 oven
til done. I have used all kinds of seasonings, so
experiment! If you like them sweet, sprinkle a
packet of sweetner over them when you take them
out of the oven.

3 - Wash, peel, and slice the potato. Use your 2 tsp.
oil for the day and pan saute them. Add sweetner
if desired.

My husband and I like sweet potaoes fixed just about any way, so I always keep them on hand. They're good with steak, chicken, pork, etc. I even like them for dessert!!

Anybody else have any ideas? I'm sure there are some recipes out there and I probably have some, but I just like mine fixed simple most of the time!

Hope this helps.

Re: Sweet Potato Ideas for Chelsie

I love them too. I just do mine baked, but someone told me a special way to do then in the microwave so that they come out like a restaurant.

Wash the spud and poke it with a fork a couple times. Then wrap it in plastic wrap and microwave it until it is squishy. The amount of time depends on your microwave. My mom does hers about 2 minutes, but my microwave is wimpier and takes more like 5 minutes.

I take it out and then spray it with ICBINB spray and eat it just like that!

Re: Sweet Potato Ideas for Chelsie

Someone must have been reading my mind b/c I've been wanting to try a real sweet potato for a long time now ,but didn't know how to fix it. Thanks!!

Re: Sweet Potato Ideas for Chelsie

Thanks u guys that is awesome. I cant beleive I have never attempted to cook these before. It is amazing what u like as u get older and are willing to try new things. Again thanks for all the recipies I too like to make mine simple for my meals. although my husband now wants me to try find one that is sweet potatoe pie. I even have him hooked on them.

I have some questions about olive oil too but I will post a new thread for that one.

Thanks Again!!!

Re: Sweet Potato Ideas for Chelsie

Another way Texas Road House makes sweet potatoes it "loaded". I don't eat them there but my husband does. I make them at home every now and then. Bake the sweet potato in the oven or on the grill until tender, split open and drizzle sf caramel ice cream sauce. Top with a few mini marshmellows and put under the broiler until brown. I don't remember the points value but you can adjust that a little with the amount of caramel sauce and marshmellows you use. These are so good, it almost seems like a dessert.

Re: Sweet Potato Ideas for Chelsie

Holy Cow, Becky! That sounds amazing! I'm gonna have to try!!