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Daily commitment 1/28

Holy moley! I am the first one today??? Everyone else must be dealing with this awful weather as well.

Everyone is off here - lots of snow and sleet. We predicted this would happen, so we had made plans for the kids to have friends come over and they will arrive at 10a. That should make the day special.

I planned my food for the day and will earn extra AP's shoveling snow AGAIN... LOL

Have a great day and stay safe!

Re: Daily commitment 1/28

Good morning. Snowing here also. Prediction of 12 inches by this afternoon. I decided not to drive into the gym so will spend the day in the sewing room.
Plan to be OP today also. Have ground turkey thawing, don't know what I'm going to make with it. Tomorrow is weigh in day so will try to eat lite today. I've found out that if I have pasta the day before weighing I always seem to gain a little.
Hope everyone has a great day.


Re: Daily commitment 1/28

I'm OP today. We did get a few inches of snow but not too bad. I'm getting ready to go to my son's house (the one that left for Florida yesterday) and feed their horses, dog, cat and a fish.

Uki, don't know if you read it or not but I did respond to your post that was addressed to me, thanks again. Have a great day everyone, stay safe.


Re: Daily commitment 1/28

Morning everyone. What a morning! We got at least 10 inches and it's still snowing here. It's moving through, but they are predicting another 1-2 before it does. DH shoveled the sidewalk last night and the driveway at 10pm...and this morning at 5 you couldnt even tell it was even done! He barely made it to work. Oldest son's school is closed and my youngest son's preschool is closed. Had already taken 1/2 vacation day b/c fridge repair man was supposed to be out this morning, but he just called and cancelled our appt. b/c he is stuck in his driveway/street and cannot make it. So, I had already went out and shoveled the sidewalk and about had a heart attack...all for nothing!

So, Uki or anyone...how long do you have to shovel snow to earn some points? Man 10 plus inches of snow is heavy!

Pat - you could make some turkey burgers if you are into that sort of thing.

Well, going to tackle mountains of laundry and split the boys up b/c they are already fighting. Man, it's going to be a LONG day.

Oh, on the food front...did fine yesterday and getting ready to plan out my food for today.

Have a great day.

Re: Daily commitment 1/28

Good morning everyone. I am having a great morning. slept really well. not having any munchie problems yet!! and the treadmill guy came and fixed my treadmill!!!! Cant wait to get on it this afternoon. Food ended up okay yesterday I went over by three points but it could have been much worse. Today I feel like I am more in control.

Going to go to a friends house this morning with my DD to have a play date. THen Afterdinnere I will walk on the treadmill and then hopefully clean my bathroom.

I cant beleive u guys are getting that much snow!!! We got 10 inches here back in December but it doesnt happen very often. Hope u all stay warm and safe.

Have a great day everyone

Op for me!

Re: Daily commitment 1/28

Carrie, I just checked the WW activity tracker and they say that for me (195#) 30 minutes of shoveling would be 2 points. I think whoever figured that out has never even seen a snow shovel. Just let you halo get a little tighter and think of what a good thing it was for your body. Plus you have bragging rights about actually getting out in the snow. Me, I'm huddled up nice and warm in the sewing room.


Re: Daily commitment 1/28

There aint no way I'm shoveling that again for 2 pts. LOL!! No Way!!

Re: Daily commitment 1/28

Girls, you all make me colder than I already am and we didn't have any snow to speak of, just a light dusting this a.m.! We lived in PA for a winter and I remember dealing with the snows! UGH!

I had a 10:00 dentist appointment, so my day was off in the wrong direction! I didn't get my walking done early, as I wanted to enjoy my coffee and just be lazy for a little bit. I've been cold ever since I got back home and can't seem to knock it!

I've been OP for the day and trying to get a couple of menus planned out. I will be staying with the grandkids for two nights this week-end, so I need to plan for my meals while there, too!

Hope everyone can stay well and warm in the cold weather. THINK SPRING!!!