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Daily commitment 1/29

Good morning. Hope you are all having a great day. I'm off to WW in a little while. Jim is taking me in and then we are both taking our computers to the Apple store for a little work. Going to the Apple store is the only reason that Jim will go to the mall.
Yesterday was a good day foodwise. Stayed OP all day. Today I might have to use some of my weekly points to have lunch at the mall but I'll find something not too bad for points. I'll get the exercise of walking around while we wait for the computers to get fixed.
Have a great day


Re: Daily commitment 1/29

Good morning! Pat, have fun at the mall. I like to just walk around and look at things. :)

I was surprised but the kids and scott do have school today. The roads don't look good at all, but I think the schools are terrified of using anymore snow days for fear that the kids will have to make up days. Oh well, this gives me peace here at home to get some things done.

I had a good day yesterday. We went to McDonald's for dinner, but I had budgeted for it. Today's meals are planned and I have done the trainer this morning.

We did get about 8 inches of snow on top of what we already had. I think there are about 17 inches on the ground! The kids are in heaven. :)

Have a good day!

Re: Daily commitment 1/29

good morning all, hope u are all staying safe and warm with all this snow u are getting.

Today I am off to Walmart for my monthly shopping. It is quite a bit to plan meals for that long but I save quite a bit of money in the long run. We have 2 DD bday partys this saturday so i will need some party supplies as well.

Got some good news from my mother in law last night. They are starting an WW at work program at the hospital in our town . We have had a hard time getting someone to come here. I guess she will do one at noon then go twenty miles to one she already does and then come back and do one at night. So even if I go back to work I will be able to go. So I think I will join back up. I always do better with meetings in the long run.

Well off to fill up my grocery cart, have a great day everyone!


Re: Daily commitment 1/29

I'm off to take my son to school. They had a 2 hr. delay today..ugh..those always throw me off.

Anyway, did great yesterday on the food front. Made the best batch of butternut squash fries ever!

Meals planned and plan to stay OP. I'm doing well this week.

Re: Daily commitment 1/29

Good morning ladies. Have all meals planned today for an OP day. I weighed myself this morning and have lost a total of 16 pounds in 3 1/2 weeks. I'm pretty proud of myself. I still have a long way to go!

Re: Daily commitment 1/29

Did my walking early today and am ready to go to WalMart myself! I don't shop for a month!! It would be better if I did, though!

I will be staying with the five grandkids starting tomorrow through Sunday, so I will pick up a few extras to take with me over there. I usually don't have a problem staying OP while I'm there. It's just a matter of getting in all that I'm supposed to!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day. It is still cold here. We have been fortunate that we were not one of the hundred thousand or so that have no electricity in our state!

OP and doing good!

Re: Daily commitment 1/29

I'm OP today. My hubby and I are leaving in an hour or so to go to Grand Rapids for dinner and a Chris Tomlin (Christian singer) concert. Our son and DIL gave us the tickets as our Christmas present. Her parents are also coming. It's about an hour and a half drive there so it should be a late night. Not sure where we're going to eat but will stay OP as best as I can. Have a great day everyone.


Re: Daily commitment 1/29

Is Chris Tomlin the one who sings the song Imagine?

Re: Daily commitment 1/29

checking in at day's end....it was an OP day...maaj

Re: Daily commitment 1/29

Chelsie, I'm not sure if Chris Tomlin sings that or not.