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Food 1/29

B'fast - Pumpkin pancakes (trying to use the whole can
of pumpkin before I quit! SO GOOD!)
FF syrup
Coffee with creamer

Lunch - Homemade Chicken salad (grapes, celery)

Dinner - Steak
Steamed veggies

Snack - WW Yogurt
Hot Cocoa

Re: Food 1/29

Breakfast - protein bar
Lunch - Vegetable Soup, Turkey/Cheese Wrap (Lavash Wrap), pretzels
Snack - 100 Cal. Choc. Cake
Dinner - Beef Stroganoff B&B
Snack - yogurt

Re: Food 1/29

B: waffles and PB2

L: Pumpkin pancakes, SF syrup

D: pork loin, broccoli and cheese rice, carrots

treat: cookie dough sundae

Re: Food 1/29

B: Grape Nuts w/ skim milk

L: BBQ Beef Cups

D: Cheese and Refried Bean Casserole

Sn: Frozen Fruit Salad w/ whipped topping

Re: Food 1/29

B. rf pb and sf jelly on lt bread

l. six inch subway club on wheat with pepperjack cheese lettuce and light mayo.

sn. carrots

d. egg, light cheese, 1 pc bacon, lt. mayo, on lt. english muffin

sn. coffee and orange.