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Daily commitment 1/30

Good morning! I got the big guys off to school and will get the little ones up in a few minutes.

I had a good OP day yesterday. Oh! The cats are adjusting well. We had a scare on Wednesday - Jake pooped on the floor. Sigh. I set up his old litter box and this morning I found he had peed in it. Yay! If there is one thing I can't deal with, it is cat pee. LOL They are buddies yet, but the tolerate each other.

I pick my mom up today to help her get her oil changed and take her to the store.

I will get the treadmill out of the way this morning before we go.

Have a great day!

Re: Daily commitment 1/30

Good morning, op for me today. Food went wonderful yesterday. Didnt get out of walmart till 2 so we went to subway then had a light supper and snack. But I stayed within my points and was satisfied.

Today is my youngest DD Bday. She is turning 5 yrs old. Sigh. I hate to see it come so quickly. But I am very excited for her. She misses being able to do all the things her older sisters do and now that she is 5 she will be able to go on all the school trips as well. The big family bday party is tommorrow so we will just do something special with just us tonight.

This afternoon we are running to the dentist. Check ups and all. most kids would hate going on there bday but it is so fun their she's happy about it. Last time we went I walked in on my DD morgan with a face mask, and gloves on sucking the water out of her daddys mouth. It was a sight to see.

Well u all have a great day

Re: Daily commitment 1/30

OP for me today. Heading to the daughter's house by 9:00 to pick up the 4 yr old GD and bring her out to the house until time to pick up the other kids from school. I need to finish laundry, etc. here before I'm gone for the next couple of days.

It's supposed to be a beautiful day here tomorrow, in the 50's, so I'm hoping a neighborhood walk or something with the younger kids. The two older ones have school things gong on and will be gone for the day!

Hope I can talk my husband into coming by and staying with the younger ones long enough for me to run to my WW meeting at 9:00 in the a.m., but if he doesn't, it's not a major ordeal!!

Gotta run take a shower and get ready. I've done my walking, so I'm good to go! YEAH!

Uki, hope Jake isn't having anxiety problems! LOL! We have a cat and I just love him. He's like one of the family. I don't know how he would adjust with a new one on the scene, though!

Hope everyone has a great OP day and a fantastic week-end!

Re: Daily commitment 1/30

Good morning everyone. Just stopping by to say that I'm doing well. I did just fine yesterday on the food front and plan to today. I've brought my lunch all week and I'm craving fast food of some kind--either a Wendy's Chili or Subway.

Have a good one everyone.

Re: Daily commitment 1/30

Good afternoon. Home from the gym and grocery shopping. Not a great week at WW yesterday. Down 0.4 (with the 0.2 gain last week down 0.2). We went to the mall and I got lunch at Subway. They had a veggie pattie so I decided I would try it. I figured it couldn't be worse than the 6 points for a chicken sub. Well, I couldn't find the nutritional info so e-mailled Subway. They got back to me today and the sandwich was 8 points instead of 6. That is for a 6 inch on wheat bread. The thing was 390 calories and 7 grams of fat with 9 gm of fiber. I had decided to try and eat my activity and weekly points this week but didn't want to do it all with one sandwich. Oh well, live and learn.
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Re: Daily commitment 1/30

I'm OP today. I've been up at our church helping paint the bathroom, I just came home for a bite to eat and am going back.

The concert last night was awesome. We went to dinner before and I had the salmon which was so good. I think the best I've ever had.