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Food 1/30

Breakfast - protein bar
Lunch - Chili/Crackers and Jr. Vanilla Frosty
Snack - pretzels
Dinner - 2 tacos
Snack - not sure, might save the points

Re: Food 1/30

B'fast - Ham & Veggie omelet with Homemade Salsa
Coffee with creamer

Lunch - Homemade chicken salad (grapes & celery)

Dinner - Boca burger on 1 pt bun
Lettuce, Tomato, Onion
Dill pickles

Snacks - Apple, WW Yogurt, Hot Cocoa

Re: Food 1/30

B. kashi with skim milk

L. chicken sausage on lt bun
lettuce with lt dressing
sf jello

sn. carrots, banana

d. deep dish pizza

sn. orange, coffee