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Daily commitment 1/31

Good morning! I just wanted to pop in and get the daily thread started.

We are looking forward to a nice day as a family today. We don't have any plans, so it should be pretty relaxed. It is VERY cold again, so it sounds like a good day to just stay home. :)

I had a great OP day yesterday and have today planned out as well. How about you?

Re: Daily commitment 1/31

wow, Uki, I thought I'd be the first to check in...it's not even 5am. here..but that's Calif. time. Sorry I haven't checked in as much, but it's still good to know all of you are here. I've just been running between the gym, work, hospital to visit my mom, home, and then the next day repeating the pattern all over again. But wanted to come check in and wish everyone a happy and healthy and OP weekend...somehow, despite all the stress, I've been OP every day. Hugs, Maaj

Re: Daily commitment 1/31

I'm still half asleep, but I'm checking in. Did get yesterday OP. Today, we are getting together with the young married couples at church for pizza. I'm requsting a veggie/thin crust pizza and DH said he'd back me up in wanting one so I wouldn't feel weird for asking for something noone else probably will want. I'm in charge of a dessert...no sure what to make yet. Cookies ususally go over well at these events, but so far, I haven't found a good WW crowd pleaseing "cookie." Might do a pan of brownies made with pumpkin and see how they turn out. Anyway, I've done great all week and I don't want to blow it tonight.

Have a great day everyone.

Re: Daily commitment 1/31

Glad to see u are still hanging in there Maaj, still thinking of u.

Hello, everyone. Did very well on the food front yesterday. Didnt even eat my activity points. Today I am hoping will be the same. We have the pizza party for the girls bday so I am hoping I can just buy a salad bar. Then we are going to a belgin waffle supper to help support a local Relay For Life Team. I will bring my own syrup to cut down a few points.

I am struggling with my face today and yesterday. On Thursday before I went shopping I put on this face protector from clinique makup that my mom had a sample of. On Friday morning I woke up and my face was soooo red and swollen. I washed it and scrubbed it which was wrong to do I figured out. so I put some lotion on it and anti itch cream but I look like a big cherry tomatoe!! my husband said a beet butI said beets were purple. I was hoping to wake up today and it be gone but of course it is not. It is not quite as red but got more swollen over night. looked it up on the internet and it is Allergic Contact Dermititis so when the pharmacy opens I need to go get some stuff. What a way to look for the bday party!!!LOL oh well we just wont take any pictures of mom today.

Well hope u all have a great op day. OP for me.


Re: Daily commitment 1/31

Chels, thanks for your kind words...sorry about the face...I've had that kind of dermatitus....if self treatment doesn't work soon enough, don't hesitate to see a dermatologist if you can. Hope it clears up quickly. Have fun at the party...maajida

Re: Daily commitment 1/31

Chelsie, you poor thing. I used to work for an allergist and saw some bad skin reactions to topical creams. You should keep the container and look at the ingredients to try and figure out what you are apparently allergic to. You might need to see an allergist.
Maajida hope your mom is doing better.
I'm doing fine in the frozen tundra. I'm tired of snow and cold. No big plans for today except laundry and sewing.
Saturday night is pizza night at our house. I make the dough for Jim's pizza and try different things for mine. I bought some mini Boboli crusts that I'm going to make for myself. A whole mini crust is 9 points but since I'm trying to eat all my points this week it should be OK.
Everyone have a great day