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Food Points Question

I cannot locate my books at the moment...anyone know the points for a sweet potato..size is about 7 oz.


Re: Food Points Question

Hi Carrie
This is out of the new momentum week 1 book...

Sweet 1 5" long 7oz cooked or 1 cup 3 pts

white or red... 1 large 5" or 7 oz cooked 3 pts

hope this helps.....

Re: Food Points Question

Thank you.

Re: Food Points Question

can anyone refresh my mind....how do points equate with calories? Thanks, Maaj

Re: Food Points Question

As a very general rule, one point is about 50 calories,
But remember, the fat content can make the points go up, and the fiber count can make the points go down.
That's why we need to check our points books, and use our points calculators.